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Searching for a student apartment in Munich, can become a long-term affair. Munich finally is not only due to its high quality of life and its location in front of the Alps of Germany's most popular cities in Germany. The German Education Culture enjoys high reputation in Munich. Of Germany's around 9 Elite universities 2 from that (the Ludwig-Maximilians University & the Technical University of Munich) represented in Munich. The demand for a university place and for the right student apartment here is accordingly very large. Who then gets one of the coveted places, then faces the next big hurdle: Where should the student or. the student to stay during the study period? To which he should find a WG – note Room in Munich? And what Urbanization is a rather (Zweckgemeinschaft, religious organization, Students of a department under him)

The search for enem Rentals : time-consuming affair

Knapp 100.000 Students are currently enrolled in one of the universities. Despite the numerous negotiations with authorities and real estate agents, many students get for all that no place and must, if necessary, from other cities through- and forth or resettle on region.

Munich has now 1,4 a million inhabitants. The Apartment rents rise with the ever-increasing demand for accommodation. And that can be very expensive. In the year 2012 were the Rates in Munich with an average 8,1 – 10 Euro per square meter.2014 are prices of run 19 Euros for a square meter are not uncommon. Thus, a 11 sqm room in a student apartment 300 cost EUR – and here we speak only of the basic rent. Compared: Hamburg rental rates are at 8,10- 10 EUR / sqm2. Who lives in Berlin, save may just 50% on. There, the rental rates are at 6,6- 8 EUR / sqm2. The Rent index for Munich shows 2014 the future trend, that a square meter under certain circumstances 20 Euro limit on average for a district could exceed.

What are the cost of living in Munich?

As a former student, I can personally say, that monthly expenses of around 800 Euro are not uncommon. Since going for the rent, the food, Tuition and teaching materials, the majority of the budget it. Who does not have rich parents, take over the rent, may apply for aid money at the student union or check with the bank on student loans. Even part-time jobs, Student placements and summer jobs should not be disregarded. How to finance his studies, is entirely up. But I strongly recommend, to create a financial plan, the cost estimate.

Internet platforms for student flat

Ever tell in advance: There are many brokers on the Internet, offer student flat. My selection is limited to web pages, I've already had good experience and I would recommend:

My personal recommendation:

student wg

The platform on is my first recommendation, when it comes to the students WG search. The site is specifically aimed at students , the commission and to favorable conditions for a shared flat, looking for a special apartment or other housing options. shown very clearly, with many data and reingepostet many pictures of the apartment. Especially when it comes to visual impression, the side can quite impressive.

Very many offers on

The Website offers a lot of offers and requests for students and is very interesting for professionals. Use the filters functions can be prices, date, Filter Room Size. Although the website offers mostly little pictures of the student flat, but offers some precise detail descriptions of the rooms and the WG-life. For those, are looking for a cheap WG and live rather modest, is the page definitely recommended. You want to search a student apartment or should it be offered? here's something there for every need.

Popular platform: visually gives a good impression through the downloaded images of the advertisements. Thus, candidates gain an immediate impression of the apartment and can decide in advance, if they want to visit the apartment. I recommend here, Also the newsletter to use, To stay current ball, if new homes are available.

also recommended:

Of the many students switching sides also is a page, which is highly recommended and differentiated in return the above pages by object type. Who, for example, especially for a penthouse apartment on the lookout here and like to invest more money in the apartment, is right. It also pays for students, to take the flats closer look. Even here there are commission-free homes to inspect.

social Web 2.0 applications

Social networks to announce the latest offerings from various internet sites. So the group "Apartment free in Munichthought "for all, who want to be kept up to date, if one or the other apartment in Munich is freely available. The trend in social media is being used increasingly by companies.

The apartments of the Student Union

Approximately 10000 Residences of the Student Union are available for the students. In addition, are still very many offers for single room, available apartments and apartments from private providers. Finding a hotel is another indispensable option, To grab an accommodation in pleasant surroundings on the fly. Each candidate seeking on the website of the student work three matching residences and fills the the Student Union Munich online form out. The waiting time is approximately 1-4 Semester. A registration certificate must be presented in any case every semester for the renewal of the application. Also in terms of income, there are restrictions. So the monthly income can not exceed the current BAföG sentence. Likewise, exchange students and students, whose parents live in the immediate catchment area of ​​the student residence, locked out. Even older students (from 30 years) may be disadvantaged or excluded.

I also recommend, the Private mediation offers the student union to take a closer look. A cheap accommodation with a family or residents in the higher semester may well be very attractive. The Student Union provides in the online- Database diverse on sale, their meticulous inspection of the contact only when logging in with the ID is visible. The identifier will gain personally at the student union at the relevant switching center.

The Privatzimmervermittlung is currently in the old cafeteria in the Olympic Village at the following Adressse:

Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
input a, room a2
80809 Munich
Subway: Olympiazentrum (U3)
Tel.: +49 89 357135 – 20/26
Fax: +49 89 357135-61
opening hours:
you – Fr : 9:00 – 12:30 Clock
Tue and Sun. : 14-16 Clock

See more below

also recommended : Consumer portal pages

Competition is good and one is interested in finding the appropriate WG is still very strong for a certain degree of transparency, are compared with the portals. Under some important portals were compared and wg-searched achieved this top marks, what is surprising nicth. but are interesting further Portal, which were also highly rated. So have and an even better usability for seekers.

Beware of scams and uninhabitable homes

The apartments in Munich are in great demand. The snakes are accordingly speak very long, and that does not scare the Mietbetrüger even flinch, even uninhabitable rooms or apartments, representing patients for renovations, offer. I had the pleasure, that I became the student days presented a room by numerous stalls, where oven, bed, and desk area are close together. This should not of course be. And of course, everyone should look for when searching out, that the apartment can be visited and is not transferred before that money to foreign countries, where the Mietbetrüger end can not be taken.

Really nice and entertaining infographic of Noknok24, I would not hide from you, really successful!



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