In the sun or in the snow? Holiday tips for winter


In demanding years holidays are toward the end often left. Even if the holiday is transferred to next year, it applies, unless special contractual agreements exist, after this 31. March without replacement. Afterall much speaks for holidays in winter. Especially at the beginning of really cold weather in November, when the days get shorter and rainy, makes it especially fun, easy to start with a flyer towards the sun. Zwei oder drei Wochen später ist die Weihnachtszeit schon direkt vor der Tür und die Häuser landauf, landab often illuminated festive. Such a decision, to escape the cold and wet late autumn, can also be taken spontaneously. Especially in package tours there regularly a large number of last minute offerings for various different goals.

Where your vacation makes, is ultimately to everyone's taste. But I've been thinking times, what destinations come the cold season in question and thereby taken various holiday destinations even under the microscope and give you some holiday tips.

The South attracted to the Mediterranean regions

Wenn der Temperaturwechsel nicht auf dem Hin- and back should not be too large, the Mediterranean region offers. In Italy and Spain, the average temperatures in November move in the range of 16 to 20 city. On travel sites such as hereunder you will be enticed even with top destinations to sunny places, where a week's vacation may already be rather low.

Rome can be admired in all seasons!

And so a trip to the south is very welcome on cooler days. Gerade für Kulturreisen ist dann eine gute Zeit, because the monuments and museums are far less crowded than during the peak summer. To that extent is speaking in late autumn and early winter much for a city break in Rome, Milan, Madrid or Barcelona. Of the Italian cities like Rome or Milan, I was the last year thrilled. In February, the temperatures in February were in double figures, and this warmth was almost too summery. I think, that a visit to the popular tourist areas may be a bit more comfortable on colder seasons.

The same applies to tours through Tuscany, on the Gulf of Naples or by Castile.

Ab in die Sonne im Winter

Bondi Beach
Sommerfeeling mit 30° Grad gibts hier in Australien

Who wants to mind summer in winter, which it draws in doubt a little further. Will you really summery weather at temperatures above 30 degrees, I can put you Oceania very fond. Vor allem nach Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast zieht es mich wegen meinen Verwandten immer hin.


Since it is almost envious, that they live near the beach in their homes, while shivering and trembling stop here our mulled wine at the Munich Christmas market with wearing gloves in the large crowd and live on beautiful places. If it draws you to Australia, are the Blue Mountains in New South Wales highly recommended. So eine Tour zu den Jenolan Caves that. 130km away from Sydney can be an unforgettable experience and regular buses to the region. Die Höhlengruppe blickt auf eine 340 Millionen Jahre alte Geschichte zurück. Zwar sind alle Höhlengruppen sehr schön anzuschauen. Aber Lucas Cave, Orient Cave sowie Temple of Baal zu den zu den Favoriten der Touristen.

Lucas Caves

Otherwise the fireworks over the Harbor Bridge is another highlight of New Year.

Sonstige Tpps für Summer-Feling: A beach holiday on the Red Sea in Egypt has as its charms as a trip to Bali, Mauritius or the Caribbean. If you're not set on a particular destination, want to but simply in the heat, can save offers for vacation packages partially vigorously at the last minute. The more money left for the holiday budget on site, to let it go deep in the south really good.

Ski and tobogganing


Alternatively, the holiday can also lead to the mountains, where winters were real winters are. Whether on departure, in cross-country skiing or on the toboggan: A winter holiday in the Alps or other high mountain offers plenty of variety. Just because it is often difficult in the often wet and cold day in the German winter, to have enough movement and to breathe in fresh air, is a ski always a good idea. Für den Skiurlaub sind beispielsweise die Alpenbahnen am Spitzingsee schon eine großartige Abwechslung. However, this requires, that the weather plays along and there is enough snow. Alternatively, a hiking trip with stay at the cabins and inns would be an unforgettable experience.


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