Munich News in March 2017


In the news, you learn all the latest info, News, stories, appearing at a certain period of time on different portals and news sites and are particularly noteworthy. Because in addition to my personal blog posts I will provide further insight on the current events in the city integrate time and of course I am aware of the news so, that they are of interest to you. This includes news on specific districts, Information on interesting events and many more news, enabling the city on the move. Finally, you shall also give an insight into the wonderful city received.

These are the best news in March 2017

Highlights from politicians Derb licking on the Nockherberg

The Starkbierfest is an annual event in Munich. The start of the Starkbierfest on the Nockherberg coincides with the politicians Derb Licking. For the humorous Teasing great personalities from public life, especially politicians, heard here for the annual spectacle. The highlights include a performance by the sometimes cabaret artist Luise Kisneher, as "Mama Bavaria" is particularly concerned about the fake news about the holy state of Bavaria showed. Learn more at here!

Renovating the mall Pep Neuperlach

A new optical Neusanierung is scheduled for Pep Neuperlach . This includes adjustment lighting, furnishing, Blankets and also child-friendly play areas are planned. Ultimately take renovations likely to spring 2018 an. However, the transactions are not closed! When the renovations are complete, visitors can to around 58000 pursue their square meters shopping pleasure. See more below!

Ruby Lilly hotel opened

A ceremony Hotel Ruby Lilly in "Monaco Franze Style" was opened on Stiglmaierplatz. Charakeristisch for interior decoration is the blend of the elements of the 80's with those from Helmut Dietl's series "Kir Royal". This is a welcome change. After all, it does not look like a hotel all day. See more on!

Stuzubi 2017 in Munich around Master, Trainee, career

The next fair will take place on Sunday Stuzubi, the 26.03. from 10-16 Am in the MTC world of fashion around the topics Master, Trainee, Career instead. The events are free and provide guidance for trainees, Students looking for the right challenges. But also for all other guests, the event is interesting, especially well-known companies here in consultations show a good insight into the world of work in the respective industry. Learn more at!

Polar Bear girls Quintana is born

There is a new visitor attraction in Hellabrunn. Because according to the information here came on Thursday, the 23. March, the polar bear cub named Quintana to world. Name lookup, there was a nationwide vote in finding the perfect name, begins with Q. The Tierpark Hellabrunn is the first GeoZoo the world and live around here 190000 animals! How is Quintana you can see in the video in the channel of mü


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