Where rents in the interior (Call 1-2) are particularly favorable


Since the topic Rent, condos, Rent levels and housing in general always arouses great attention, I deal this time with the average rental rates based on a rental Map of Immobiliensocut24 relative to the U- and S-train connection. based on the fact I take the situation in the best areas and draw some samples of the respective apartments, which are compared with the rent mirror, a more accurate picture to be calculated on the housing situation and their prices.

The rent index map of Immobilienscout24

Who wants to know, as rents in Munich for a two-room apartment with an average size of 70 Square turn in about, the reader is referred to the successful rental Map times. The rental prices depend on new buildings and actually large outliers may occur in rents, when other factors such as location, Condition of the apartments, Age or transport links are considered in radius around the shown stations.

photo: © immobilienscout24.de

Of course, the rental rates for apartments in the border areas of Munich as well as outside in the countryside fall out much cheaper. The more central location, the apartments are more expensive. So it is no surprise, that on Marie space for a 2-room apartment to the 1300 EUR basic rent and more are required. but are striking in some districts but the relatively low rents cold.

Low rents in the rings 1-2 according to the map

Particularly favorable prices fall in the U3- and U6 lines toward the border with the third ring out. Although about the Partnachplatz with the subway just 10 Minutes to downtown needs. Looking at the regions more closely, it is no surprise, that the demand for apartments rather lower fails. Who, for example, in the Unicorn Avenue Guru nearby Werdenfels street and does not have a car or bike, the very bad lot has drawn. Here you would have around 10 run minute walk, To reach the nearest bakery or the nearest bus station. The bus from the Werdenfels road then runs again for a while, to the subway station is reached! The Rental Map puts the rental rates to around 936 EUR basic rent. Nevertheless fall actually in old buildings for a two-bedroom apartment costs more on rent at! Directed you look after the rents per square meter here at http://www.wohnungsboerse.net/mietspiegel-Muenchen/2091 , are die17,95Euro per square meter above that average! Here the prices are justified.

Surprising cold rent fall can be experienced at the subway station Candidplatz, in the Mietmap with 938 EUR is surprisingly affordable for a two bedroom apartment, Select Continue beautiful neighborhoods with proximity to the Isar while some stations of the Plaza Colon and the Frauenhoferstraße. It is no surprise a bit, that the Candidplatz are remarkably low in the rental rate design, although the close are not very far from the park and the Isar (little less than 1 Kilometer). If you look at the Candid place itself at times personally, fall no special features in the area, by much asphalt, Concrete and unspectacular residential buildings are characterized. Nevertheless, due to the good transport links worth a closer look at the housing situation in the area. Actually be on display show homes, still cheaper than 938 fail euro. you can still add the calculated additional costs, to get a Warmmiete of over 1000 Euro! With a average square meter price of 19,95 Euro the rent index Untergiesing is, however, well above the average!

Other favorable areas in the interior, the rings, the 1-2 concern include the areas in the S-Bahn from the main station to Laim, the and along the U5 of Heimeranplatz to Laimer Platz.

Rent and living standards

Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves, how much rent to be applied. Can you afford it, 200-300 to pay EUR more and has for a dream area or saves you prefer money and takes a loss of quality of life into account. The dream apartment at a reasonable price to get hold of is very lucky, connected also with skills around the residential area and with the right gut feeling.





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