How is the child's birthday celebrated in Munich?

Given the situation, that of child birth does not take place every month in Munich, some parents are faced with the problem every year: “How can celebrate a child's birthday for our child, we this year “?

Not every house or apartment, the possibility of a horde of happy children offers to provide a large space available, thus the fun factor is not neglected. Sometimes even an idea for a birthday event is missing. Furthermore, one can also assume, that may even furnishing the party while celebrating fall victim. More information check here:

What are the opportunities in Munich for a child's birthday at?

Simsalabim and away are you! Magic tricks like children again. So you can at home, when the place is sufficient to request a Entertainers. This lets kids with amazing magic tricks as a magic clown in a fairy tale world, bringing in the children laugh and marvel. Here is the motto also join. The children take proper part in the magic spectacle and think it's great.

Sits the money to the parents not so loose and the spatial conditions are not exactly made for a child's birthday, offer in Munich some youth farms rooms up 30 qm an. This place is sufficient for approximately 30 children. Everything can be brought for the birthday and at the end to donate something for the youth farm. A nice alternative to a costly and elaborate birthday party for children.

All children love animals

The classic in Munich is the Tierpark Hellabrunn. From Monday to Sunday children's birthday up here can 12 held children and three companions. There are four different birthday themes.

Who does not love Punch?

The Puppet Theater in Munich offers each in the afternoons on a decorated festive table for a child's birthday celebrations at. The table in an alcove of the auditorium is decorated with balloons for each child's birthday party. Here, too, everything can be brought along or purchased at newsstands are.

Wolfratshausen Märchenwald

With more than 260 moving figures is part of the amusement park as a fairy tale forest one of the most popular attractions. Especially for children's birthday theme park offers the opportunity for children in tree houses up to 6 Meters to celebrate, either with or without meals.