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Bavarian cosiness

What Munich is known, everyone can decide for themselves. For the Bavarian capital offers a lot of quality of life, heart open-minded people and lots of great highlights! Everyone has his own taste. From Munich there are songs, Poems and phrases and especially the quotes, Sayings and expressions of love solidify the image, the people have of this wonderful city. Therefore, I once made some small collection of great personalities, show at times, What do people say about the city.

Best quotes via Munich

"I do not remember much, ever such a beautiful combination of mountains, having seen lakes and a city like Munich. Whether that has made a god? Just ask the Pope, who knows it so safe. "
~Clint Eastwood

"Drive not even somewhere else, I tell you, there's nothing like Munich. Everything else in Germany is a waste of time. "
~ Ernest Hemingway

"Paris is a woman, Munich's beer. "
~ Prince Sherbatov

"A dissolute, immoral nest of fanaticism, Grobheit, calves driver, full Heilgenbilder, dumpling, Radiweiber…“
~ Gottfried Keller

„… only when digesting can be said about this wonderful Munich. "
~ Franz Kafka

“A former classmate writes to me from Africa, if you feel unhappy in Africa, then one feels ten times happier, as if one feel happy in Munich.”
~ Frank Wedekind


"In Munich Lederhosen and laptops have entered into a symbiosis."
~ Roman Herzog

"There are only two cities, where you can live: Rome and Munich "
~ Author Henrik Ibsen

"For me, Munich is my Germany. Outside Munich is foreign to me. "
~ Helmut Dietl

"Between art and beer, Munich is executed superimposed like a village between hills."
~ Heinrich Heine

"At Munich's most beautiful paradises regarded as one of his fields."
~ Eugen Roth

"All Munich are funny, this city is made for festivals. celebrating it, it shows their true colors. "
~ Erika Mann

"I love the German food. bratwurst, Bockwurst, knackwurst. But most of all I like veal sausage. I do not know, what is it."
~Jake Gyllenhall

"The Munich understand it, to enjoy themselves publicly on the streets. "

"You can sit in a sidewalk cafe and watch the at rest. The proceeds like a comic. And if a restaurant with an absolutely average food suddenly becomes so great, because a few professional footballers always dine there, then that's Munich. That's always been a society, which remains among them. "
~ Konstantin Wecker

"And, I like very exceptionally Munich. The air should be very tonic. I drink a lot of beer with great pleasure. "
~ Thomas Mann

"... there's no black models, here I can shimmer. "
~Papis Loveday

"I'm used to this aggressive cosiness, everything is bland in a beneficial way. All go to Berlin, because they think, there's more going on. I am often in Berlin, I like it, but I'm also glad, when I come back again. "
~ Helmut Dietl

"Please no mountains, no cows. I just need the city. "
~ Woody Allen

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