Breaks and holidays in Munich - why you should visit this city

Marienplatz in Munich

I've been in several places around the globe on holiday. You saw the sea, The beaches, cultural festivals, the mountains or the green pastures in the hinterland. But after the return you realize again and again, how beautiful it can be but in Munich and certain circumstances outside the Bavarian countryside are hardly any! I want you name just a few of many reasons here, why the holiday in the Bavarian capital can be unforgettable.

Tips for holidays in Munich

From cheap to exclusive - Accommodation in Munich while on vacation

Munich is a special city. Since the accommodation options are in the upper price range, of course, a class of its own. But even in the lower price class can be seen as Here at discover many affordable rooms. A hostel room at a cost of less than 30 to have euros on a good day. Compared to other European tourist destinations Munich would definitely be an inexpensive city, when it comes to accommodation.

The Isar River offers many possibilities of discovery

Isar below the Reichenbachbrücke

Ever the route from Pullach to the place in Ismaning To run measured? It is approximately 23km. By bike it takes approximately one and a half hours, the landscapes, shore areas, bridges, to drive through the English Garden and the gravel paths. Very popular places to stay is the shore area between Flaucher and Reichenbachbrücke. If you follow along the paths at the Auer mill, you will pass the Maximilianeum and the Friedensengel - two attractions, the stand a little away from the typical sights in the bustling downtown. It's quiet at the back of Buhler Lake. There is a visit to the beer garden or at the Gasthof Hinterbrühl would be recommended!

Munich offers many interesting cocktail bars

There are many remarkable cocktail bars. Some are especially memorable! Such as the Flushing Meadows Bar, which is a combination of hotel and bar. The Rooftop Bar offers summer a magnificent view over the rooftops of Munich. And the cocktails are top notch and also unique. Also highly recommended is a visit to the Pusser’s, a bar under US tradition with a great range of drinks. Clearly note are the Pusser's Painkiller, a special rum with a special flavor. Also a good place for a cocktail Israeli Zephyr bar in the Baaderstr. 68. What is mixed here, can not be just showing, it tastes wonderfully.

The proximity to the Alps - short spontaneous trips out of town


Garmisch PartenkirchenWho Munich have enough, may also have a spontaneous holiday in the beautiful regions in Bavaria dare times. Some beautiful landscapes I can recommend to summer days. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is not only known for its great ski jump. The landscape with the mountains, the nature and the charming old town to be proud of. There is also the Zugspitze, which is with a height of almost 3000m the highest mountain in Germany. Another place worth visiting is feet. located near Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle, two very popular tourist destinations.

mountains - ideal for summer vacation

But the beautiful mountain landscapes in my home in the Allgäu I can highly recommend, although the small villages at the foot of the mountains are a little quieter than one would expect. But for quiet walking- and jogging excursions I am always open.



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