open a restaurant in Munich - what to consider?

Open restaurant

Own restaurant - for many a lifelong dream! And no unattainable, because in principle everyone can, wants the, open a restaurant, provided he obtains the necessary approvals. In order for the new place but also a lasting success, there are several things to consider. This article explains the most important aspects, the should pay a new restaurateur.

1. The right concept and the right location

No one is waiting for the tenth or the twelfth pizzeria ice cream parlor in the pedestrian zone. And a high-priced gourmet restaurant in a rural setting could be as problematic as an unpretentious restaurant in the Residential Studentenviertel. Therefore, everyone should, carries himself with the thought of its own restaurant, ask the questions in advance:

  • Which clientele I want to attract with my local? Locals or tourists? Clientele or walk-in customers?
  • Which food offer hovers before me - more traditional, rather exotic or perhaps modern crossover cuisine?
  • In which area is the restaurant to be located - rather in the city center, or rather in the suburbs?
Own restaurant - with the right business strategy for success

All of these criteria must be coordinated, to the new restaurant assure a unique selling point. Everything must harmonize - the location, the interior and the menu. Only a restaurateur, offers its potential guest experience, something, that can not get in the competition this, will have his restaurant in the long term success.

2.The necessary licenses

Who wants to selling alcoholic drinks in his bar, needed for a so-called concession, which can be applied for at the competent trade office. The granting of such a license depends on the following criteria:

  • Professional competence - that are a IHK information Regulatory food law as well as a certificate of instruction of the Public Health Department
  • Personal reliability - to be a certificate, a clearance certificate of the competent tax office, as well as an excerpt from the Central Trade Register requires.
  • Local conditions - this has a buy, lease- or lease be presented, along with a proof of the suitability of the spaces - e.g.. be provided - if sanitary facilities are available.
Who wants to offer wine and other alcoholic beverages, pay attention to some

If no Alcoholic planned, satisfies a business registration with the competent trade office.


A big advantage is, if a future restaurant owner already has some inherent Chapter, a portion of the costs involved in opening itself to cover costs. However, almost all New entrepreneurs need financial support from the Bank and / or other sources, to realize their dream.

Even before the business registration A detailed business plan should be set up, the clearly outlined the financial viability of the project.

Own restaurant - with the right business strategy for success

4.good marketing

The fanciest restaurant and the most delicious and unusual dishes are useless, if nobody knows. The A & O of success is the proper marketing of the premises. Here, the traditional advertising flyers are still an effective means, to reach a large number of potential guests. A restaurateur in-law should definitely many possible can print flyers and this not only in the pedestrian zone, but also in mailboxes, bakeries, Kiosken etc. to distribute.

Special events and activities are also just starting very helpful, to the attention of customers to a newly opened restaurant to steer. And an online presence these days for any restaurant owner a must. An account on Facebook and / or Instagram with appealing pictures should therefore be understood. Depending on, if a delivery service is provided, also worth possibly a listing on various ordering platforms.


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