The best apps and online tools for real football fans


Even die-hard football fans will certainly not have the time to spare, mitzuverfolgen every game live in front of the screen. Who wants to miss any information about their favorite teams, therefore needs good football apps. Messages in real time are for instance. For Football Betting very important, To be successful with sound policy. Apps and online tools for football fans should therefore show not only the past results, but also as much inside information. These include, inter alia. the terms of the key players, the stock of Home- and away, and of course the match reports. These important facts are necessary for true football fans, they also the basis for sport- and are specifically designed for football betting.

The best football apps for iOS and Android are:


This gigantic football app impresses with its comprehensive content. It not only provides information on Bundesliga at, but also to international leagues. The Onefootball-App supplies to the selected teams the latest news, team Profile, fixtures, Statistics and game analysis for the current season, no matter whether it is for teams from the Bundesliga, Champions League or Premier League is. Conveniences course, that you can then share with friends via Facebook or WhatsApp personal game prediction equal. Another plus of this football app are the live comments and the quick push messages, that can also personalize.


at twelfth is it a app, where there is not only important information about the community life of the favorite team, but also gossip and gossip is taken into account. All messages in social networks are displayed with this football app chronologically in one place, so you have to miss any important posts more like a twelfth player. is funny, that therefore can itself be an actor, by live moments or comments can be brought into play with. This this tool is of course even more exciting, especially then, if you have completed together with friends an attractive football bet.

Kicker: Bundesliga App

The Bundesliga app Kicker provides not only for the German Bundesliga Statistics, Information and match reports, but also for foreign leagues. Here football fans learn, for example, the latest transfer news and background reports. With the "My Team" feature, can the favorite team watch from anywhere. but are also important to the gate alarm and Live Scores, so that you as a fan always well with pictures, and of course comments with the game results to date.

Mit einer guten Fußball-App holen sich die Fans ihre persönliche mobile Sportschau auf das Handy oder Tablet. They offer far more, than just the usual sports news at. The best apps are available free for download. No matter which app you choose ultimately, it should be clearly structured in any case, possible receive real-time information and above all really work reliably. The best football app will not help much, when the gate alarm delayed or yellow and red cards are not displayed equal. You should be able to offer everything in principle, put it on the football heart value. Who would benefit from apps Football Betting, should inform extensively about the basics and the shape of the team.


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