Bausparkasse Mainz published a ranking of cities 71 German cities

see Munich

Do you know the feeling? Since many years you live in the same city and has somehow feel, that another city is a better. Tastes obviously differ: some wish to a wide range of leisure- and sports and others to a life in a city can without a wide range of clubs & not imagine bars. Fortunately, there's different ways, filter out the right city for themselves. A city ranking for specific factors would be helpful here.

Bausparkasse Mainz AG currently offers a city-finder and sheds light on the question "Which city is right for me?“. Factors such as unemployment and number of universities, but also the variety of cultural activities and hours of sunshine a city to be addressed in an interactive graph and can be compared with each other. In the ranking are both large cities such as Berlin and Hamburg as well as medium-sized and smaller cities like Rostock and Trier. The results of this are summarized in the City Finder and can be considered separately using the filter function.

Germany's student cities with the best career opportunities in cities ranking

The cities of Darmstadt and Göttingen with 32, respective 29 percent, the highest percentage of students. The 3,5 Metropolis of Berlin, although Germany's most populous city, but only five percent of Berlin are students. Regensburg attracts with the most vacancies and for years Ingolstadt has a low unemployment rate and a high per capita income to.

Live there, where quality of life is highest

Factors such as sports- and cultural activities, Leisure activities and nightlife as well as the weather and the green space affect the quality of life of a city. Smaller cities such as Ulm 20 Museums can use the cultural offer of cities like Dusseldorf with 31 Museums keep quite. 2016 lay Brandenburg 1.735 Sunshine hours nationwide in first place. Who prefers it green, to Aachen with 82,3 Percent planted areas in the urban area the appropriate city. Koblenz and Cologne offer in terms of nightlife a versatile range, because, on average, come on there 100.000 residents just 75 Bars, Pubs and clubs.

Monthly living expenses vary greatly within Germany

Munich continues to record the highest rent: Fast 18 Euro square meter costs. For rent and utilities of a 50-square-meter living space that makes almost 1.000 Euro per month. Particularly favorable is life like on the other hand in Herne, where average 370 pays EUR for. If you are traveling by public transport, pay in smaller towns significantly less than in medium-sized cities. So does a monthly ticket in Kassel For example, 53,80 Euro, However, in Cologne, you pay for it 94,30 Euro.

City-Finder offers the possibility to find matching cities

For the city ranking data and studies on the life relevantesten- and residential factors 71 researched and evaluated cities. The results are displayed in an interactive graph, that lists the individual cities in terms of the factors studied. Using the filter function can be selected individually relevant factors, to determine the appropriate city. The City Finder is now available at the following URL and can be integrated via an embed code on other websites:

Thus, the labor market looks in Munich for example

With the City-Finder I wanted to find, what it looks like in general in terms of profession in the Bavarian capital. And here the picture is impressive when one considers the following assessment times closer:

Go to more information about the city rankings here.

Here you can see, that the unemployment rate is particularly low, while in Berlin the number of startups is very high.

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