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Will you do something for your body coordination and sense of rhythm and not lose the fun? Then dancing might be the right sport. It requires music feeling, Concentration and is often really sweaty. And in terms of aesthetics Dancing is one of the most fascinating sports arts, available. Beginners come here to courses in the respective dance school not drumrum. But what is actually offered in the schools. For this I have looked at a small selection of different dance classes in the venues times closer. Maybe for one or the other what it.

Choosing the right dance school - listen to the recommendations of your friends

With the plethora of dance schools of course are spoiled for choice. but the decision is much easier, if you people know, the years dance and know exactly, where they have completed their dance classes for the first time. Of course, dancers develop over time further, form their own crews and dance schools. But the defining moments in the first dance lessons you never forget. Therefore, dance school are integrated here, that are left to me personally fond memories.

dancing schoolsoffer & Prices
ADTV dance school Neubeck
Lindwurmstraße 103
80337 Munich
Standard / Latin dances with shelf, Progress course and medal classes
Classic Dance Star courses for experienced professionals
West Coast Swing
Wedding Courses
Hip Hop & Streetstyle

ADTV Tanzschule Wolfgang Steuer
TWS dance GmbH
Schützenstrasse 8
80335 Munich
pair dances
Wedding Courses
Boogie Woogie
Rock'n' Roll
Salsa / Merengue
West Coast Swing
Urban Dance (Hip Hop, Breakdance)
Humboldtstraße 29
81543 Munich
Jazz Dance
Modern Dance
Hip Hop
House Dance
Afro Salsa
Weissenseestr. 101
81539 Munich
Tel.: 089 / 411 54 045
Hip Hop
Neuhauser Str. 15a
80331 Munich
Tel: (089) 44313886
ballroom dancing
Wedding Courses
Hip Hop
children's dance

Prices vary greatly

How much it spends ultimately for a dance class, depends on the range of the respective dance school, of the age group and the dance experience from. Normal dance classes with standard / Latin dances with a predetermined number of dance lessons e.g.. an 8-9 Appointments often cost more than 100 Euro. Other fixed dance dates for specific courses such as hip-hop are now in a contract period even at prices 30 euro in it. Discounts and rebates offered determined. Dance schools also offer this kind of stripe cards for dance lessons at: no contract term, fixed number of dance lessons until they use up, no additional costs and time flexibility! Perhaps this would also be an option for you.

Other interesting recommendations to dance schools

That was a little now, but fine selection of dance schools, which I think, you will definitely not disappoint you. Do you have other recommendations? let me know.

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