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With spring, the temperatures move back in the comfortable double-digit. Therefore, outdoor sports are popular again. But also winter sports there is a special challenge for your body and you should also keep in colder seasons you fit.

In Munich, however, there are many offers, which are free, while you do not have to train alone. For 2018 I looked down again, what offers are particularly interesting and of course I will also recommend to you. Here I have collected several possible sports. Perhaps one or the other offer is interesting for you.

Outdoor Sports in Munich – my recommendations

For Calisthenics - Sports: Sports facilities in Munich

In Munich several Calisthenics parks have been built up with sports facilities in recent years, enjoy the great popularity. One is the sports facility in the Olympic Park, the 2017 was constructed and was built near the basketball court at the foot of the Olympic Park. Because the station is part of a fitness island, in addition, another exercise stations holds. Here is, according to the information at https://www.flex-calisthenics.de/sessions-in-m%C3%BCnchen/ every Wednesday a calisthenics workout with Felix Städele.

Also very interesting is the sports facility at Korbinian Place. There the Barlions meet, a group Munich Calisthenics, regularly (especially on Saturdays). The workouts here are free and you learn here always know great athletes, which are with a lot of passion in the matter here.

Or do you feel like Freeletics? Because here at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Freeletics.Muenchen/ you can inform yourself and you join a particular group or try out various training groups in Munich.

Running groups in Munich

Running is in my opinion the very best sport. Because they burn many calories, discover new worlds and doing something good for stamina and health. Ultimately, one can jog, make running sprints and interval units basically everywhere. But in the group it is actually at its best. Here I recommend again some groups of runners, where you can join voluntarily and without great force.

A group, I can recommend to you personally, is the Adidas Group Runners Munich. On https://www.flex-calisthenics.de/sessions-in-m%C3%BCnchen/ get their information about running events with varied sports programs. In addition to running events yet to events fitness exercises are at. For registration of the event you have to register you in the calendar of the Adidas runners and at the desired dates you login. But this happens very quickly!

Who wants to do it spontaneously, can also be in the group running with Freu(n)the under here https://www.facebook.com/groups/207361859345213/ spontaneously with other athletes a run appointment with running track, Pace and time account. From beginner to pro, everything is represented here.

Gymnastics Sport in the open

The range of sports facilities in the park are nearly limitless. The Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich offers from May to September free sports programs. On https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Referat-fuer-Bildung-und-Sport/Sportangebote/Fit-im-Park.html can you keep you eye out for the current program. Because the typical sports, which each year offered, include such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Zumba, Volleyball, Fitness. Bring one but does not have to sport much except mat and towel.

These were now roughly the main outdoor sports, that came to my mind spontaneously. Do you still have other recommendations?


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