Munich Winter Wonderland: The best winter sports for Munich

winter sports

Tell Munich from her hometown on the river, they often come into raptures. The beer, the Isar - and the Alps! After all, the famous mountain range is only about an hour away by car from the Frauenkirche and the Viktualienmarkt and offers in the summer as a perfect recreation area for avid hikers. And in winter only! 14 But even non-skiers in winter in Munich their money. This article explains, which winter sports are best for the Bavarian capital.

Skifoar'n & snowboarding away

If you like skiing or snowboarding, can to Munich let off steam in many slopes. These include the Spitzingsee with the mountains Rosskopf and Taubenstein, Sudelfeld - Germany's largest ski area - and the Kaiserwinkl, on which especially families with children frolic. In the latter, the offspring can be awarded introduced to skiing, because in the children's ski country of the lessons for the little done in a protective atmosphere. especially nice:

In many ski the slopes is dipped after dark in floodlight. Between two snow holidays you do not give up skiing the way: In the Munich pubs, there are always opportunities for public viewing of Ski Jumping, on which you can bet good. Who wants to be make public viewing more exciting, can now continue browsing and located just pick out the best provider for the next tournament!

Tobogganing and ice skating for home Bleiber

Those who do not take the trip to the mountains to be, but simply wants to spend a few afternoons in winter with winter sports, for particularly two sports are: Firstly, there is the skating, which can be practiced in Prinzregentenstadion. Those who prefer to slide in the open air over the ice, the ice rink at Stachus warmly recommend - guarantees nice Christmas atmosphere! For here there is not only a large ice surface, can live on the young and old, but also sound with Christmas hits and mulled wine- and bratwurst stands.

Kids especially will love this kind of wintry company and are thereby introduced at the same time gently skating as a sport. Also on the ice against the stunning backdrop of Nymphenburg Palace, you can expand its capabilities in curling. This Sport has a long tradition - and is more demanding, when he might appear at first glance. Is enough snow, the hills in Munich Parks then can be explored: For sledding - even sledding in sports jargon - is still one of the winter sports, make the most fun and that can be enjoyed even from small and without much effort. It is best tobogganing at Olympiaberg, but be careful: Here, the slide can have a very nice rack on it, when the 50 Meter high slopes whiz down.

No question, in Munich there are a lot of ways, to perquisites in cold weather outdoors. There is nothing against it, try anything once sports - to determine then, which is the best for a.


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