Running in Munich - recommended routes for cross-country skiers


And her plans for the weekend one or two comfortable running? Who want time to go through the weekend time in half marathon mood the city, I can recommend here some routes. There can also sprints and fast continuous runs can be scheduled at the appropriate distance. After I already raced the 21km route at weekends (by the way I am working on my running blog Keep Runnin ), some favorite tracks have emerged, belonging to my "favorites".

Ideal half-marathon courses in Munich

Running distance along the Isar

at the IsarStarting point can be arbitrarily selected at and also depends on, as arriving her first to the distance covered on the Isar. I run below the Wittelsbacherbrücke along the river and also use the parallel roads by the respective tunnel of the following bridges. It goes past the Muffathalle, through a beautiful avenue past the weir Oberföhring. Does the air out of you, can you, of course, times will stop at one of the city and enjoy the view.

For a half-marathon course, the starting point is at the train station Rosenheimerplatz also recommended. But the start of the Reichenbach bridge is due to its proximity to public transportation to the subway Frauenhoferstraße or south in Sendling near to Flaucher.

Several laps around Nymphenburg Palace

From the driveway avenue at Hubertusbrunnen towards lap Nymphenburg along the outer paths in the park behind the castle and back you have brought a long way behind, which is easy to run and great views offers. Although this is not quite the half-marathon route. But for that you can here like to make several rounds! An alternative route much you also .

Jogging on the Theresienwiese


Carefree training can only take place, if no Oktoberfest or other large-scale celebrations are planned. If you Theresienwiese (Theresienhöhe Bavaria and ring) circumnavigated, runs her ca. 2,6 km. So for a half marathon you have the Theresienwiese circle eight times. Ideal running conditions are at the Theresienwiese all! There are great, spacious areas for sprint training units and even on colder seasons is going on there little. Uneven or difficult soil conditions are not expected.

Run in the Olympic Park


There are several branches and paths, one can take as a runner. I recommend you also the way up to the Olympic Park, and again in the choice of running track down. Training with height runs is demanding, but good for the body. The route along the lake and through the paved routes have it in them!

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