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Ü-30 Party

You're looking for recommendable Ü-30 Parties, where the mood fits and good humor reigns. In Munich there are regular events for the party people, by no means the scrap heap and have already gained a lot of experience, how to celebrate properly. So go! Here in this post I list times a number of venues and events, where regular over-30s fetuses are celebrated. Who does not know and is curious, there can quietly stop by times.

The best over-30s parties at a glance

Of course, not guaranteed, that the over-30s Parties always take place in the respective notices. Therefore, the events constantly reviewed by and I will of course update you the recommendations, if I give change.

Over-30s party in the Freiheizhalle

The Freiheizhalle regularly offers over-30s parties and 90ies fetuses. This is the target group of youthful party people in their 30s and older generations while. The fetuses are correct atmospheric, loud and always an experience. This is a beautiful hall with good music and is located at the stop Donnersbergerbrücke directly to the train station. You will receive more information about the events and to the location under here https://www.freiheiz.com.

Ü-30 Party im Evergreen

It lies in the Neuhauser Str. in the heart of the city and connections with public transport are optimal. Evergreen is one of the top address for over-30s parties and in addition to current chart nostalgic songs of the past decades, of course, played here. And it hosts dances for couples will be held. Sporty on here too. More information can be found at here https://www.evergreen-muenchen.de.

Regular over-30s fetus Muffatwerk

Although they do not find regular. But if the over-30s party held in Muffatwerk, there's no stopping. Both in Muffatwerk and in Ampere Club DJs put the music from the genres Electro, Rock and the best songs from the charts. No wonder, that the parties are well received by the audience here. Currently, the parties are held once a month, and that at the end of the month in each case. More information can be found at here https://www.muffatwerk.de/de/events/party .

Here is a nice video of Markus Binder:

Schlagerparty in the Isar Post

This is not a classic over-30s party, but a genre Party, but that appeals to a specific audience. And that is largely and at least 30 year old. In the Isar Post to get started, see the weekend currently (16.03.2019) regularly Schlager-Party once a month. More information can be found at here http://www.schlagerpartymuenchen.de/termine.html . Don’t miss it.

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