How much can you earn as a student to?


You know in Munich determined the dilemma with full-time study, Job, Rent and Finance. And no matter how much the parents financially support their children in the study - at the end of the month there is the question, why at the end of the money still so much month is present. Since most students can sing that song in Munich.

Students usually do not come out without a job, to finance her studies. While some only work during the holidays and focus the rest of the year on their studies, others work all year round, so that they have enough money in your pocket. Nearly two-thirds of the students go to work in Germany, so the money enough to survive. Often, the students can be found in restaurants or they casual work at fairs, Folk festivals and even stand on the assembly line. but some of them also collect already experience as a student assistant in a local company. As it is also, who goes to work as a student, should some note, to student loans not to lose. For here is clearly regulated by law, how much a student is allowed to work or. what amount he is allowed to earn.

70 Days a year, the student is allowed to work free of tax

A student must 70 working days per year totally tax-free. This means, that contributions to health- and nursing care as well as for pensions- and unemployment usually do not become due. Thus this job, the 70 must not exceed days, income tax. It is also perfectly equal, whether the student this 70 Days worked during the holidays at a time or whether he, throughout the year, these 70 Day goes to work.

ATTENTION: If a student after several jobs, these are added together!

The upper limit for BAföG and health insurance

Who receives BAföG, must be particularly careful here, because there are certain limits here. So student loans will continue to be paid in full, lies the earning limit for 4888,20 bad Euros. Here, of course, is also observed, that a plurality of part-time jobs are added together. This means, conversely, that the student per month about 400 allowed to earn €.

Furthermore, it should be noted, that the health insurance companies have a say, because the student up to the age of 25 Years is also covered by the family insurance. but this is only the case, if only a mini-job, with a merit to 405 Euro, exerts.

In addition, students will also receive child benefit, which is also subject to regulations. students up 25, who complete their first degree, receive child allowance. But in the master's program they may not exceed 20 Hours a week, is otherwise cut, child benefit and paid only a fraction.

The tax-free mini jobs

Who needs to earn more but, must finance his living and studying, the can also make a mini job. The credit limit is here but at 450 Euro. Most that makes sense, when the students are busy for a long period at the same employer.

For employers, where the student works only briefly, is it enough, when a lump-sum wage tax, with a rate of 25 Percent accompanied, is billed.

For both types of employment, the employer needs the tax identification number of students. These can be obtained free of charge at the Federal Central Tax Office.

Anyone per year up to 8354 Euro has earned pay taxes usually. However, the amount is about, a tax return must be made. However, the student can bring back the taxes overpaid on the tax return again.

Those who observe all these little nuances, will usually have to worry about any cuts in child benefits or BAföG. Thus, the living and the financing of the program is very well secured and the student may be, still quite good focus on the study.







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