Leisure tips in fine weather in Munich - beer gardens, Sports Events, Parks

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If the winter days are behind us and the temperatures then illuminate us friendly, it drives us out of our home out in the Munich World. And in the Bavarian capital can experience infinitely more. I once collected some leisure tips for you and I am sure, that they appeal to you too. If you have other ideas, it can, if you wish in the comments box. This here is the first part of leisure tips!

Time for a beer garden - but what?

Am Hirschgarten, in the English Garden or the Augustinian cellar with its beer garden are among the largest. But the mass of the beer garden in Munich is immense. But maybe you know this already: the Gasthof Hinterbrühl is located near the Isar and equipped with the sophisticated style in the restaurant, his lakeside beer garden to the more beautiful places in Munich. Another tip: In Andy’s Krablergarten there's not only delicious Schnitzel, but also a chic beer garden, if you is not too much on mass beer gardens. Delicious food, Bierle and hopefully sunshine make the day so special. Or you know the Biergarten am Wiener Platz. High spirits, great food, excellent beer - a wonderful place to meet. At sporting events on television as World Cup or European Championship can settle down here sometimes and sing along tidy.

Sporting events for sports enthusiasts

The winter days are over and the cheering is a lot easier than a spectator. And in the spring of the competitions begin again. Some events can be like to watch as a spectator times. But how about, if you participate yourself. A professional one need not be. Here are some recommendations:

  • Wings for Life World Run Munich: Running for a good cause! 100% the donations flow into the spinal cord research. join the more participants, greater increases the hope, that it is one day given the possibility of a cure. There is no target, but a Catcher Car, catching up with you after a certain time.
  • In addition to the Wings for Life, there is every year popular running events, who have motivated one or the other, pursue the Running. Among them include e.g.. the Sportscheck City Run in Munich in June, the Half Marathon in Munich with 5km & 10km distances, if there are in a hurry. Or how about a relay race at the event Munich Team2Run.
  • Your do not run like? How about a cycling events such as the Munich Radlevents?

For more sports events you can yourselves under here https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Referat-fuer-Bildung-und-Sport/Sport/sportveranstaltungen/Sporthighlights.html Download the brochure.

For quiet moments outdoors

Desire for fresh air, nature, Isar and quiet moments? How about it again with a visit to the English Garden? Many know the English garden with its Eisbach, the beer garden at the Chinese Tower or Schwabinger Bach, where a particularly large number of people staying on summer days. But the northern area to be proud of the way up to Freimann can.

Or about a visit to the West Park? The park offers something for everyone Matching. You can barbecue at the lake, to go jogging, Biking or just in the park relax you. Leisure tips such visits would not be bad.

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