Cinemas in Munich - this should definitely visit their times


If people are planning a movie day, The idea usually falls to the multiplex cinemas, pointing in several rooms a varied program. Because I'm thinking for example to the Mathäser or Cinemaxx cinemas have such a relatively high proportion of viewers in Germany. but besides this mainstream cinema there in Munich still a high number of cinemas, which are relatively unknown in comparison. However, this can provide an added value but for the spectators. A selection of these movies I would therefore recommend you here once! Finally, the offer is quite large cinemas and film offerings.

Cinemas with unique characteristic features

Museum Lichtspiele

The cult cinema is the second oldest in Munich and impressed the audience with its unique atmosphere. the cinema is known here inter alia through the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", every weekend will air an hour later. And who is looking for a cinema with films in Orignalversion out, this is the place.

Lilienstrasse 2
81669 Munich
Tel.: 089 – 482403
Movie guide here

Gloria Palace - movie enjoyment in a stunning atmosphere

Gloria Palace you will find a mix of modernity & Some great elegance. Food and drinks will get you eventually on elegant chairs directly from the service. Culinary delights here include the following products Here on the menu! Who the film at wine, wants to enjoy cocktails and champagne and a touch of glamor, will be thrilled here. After all, is the guest of King. And a great experience is the visit all.

Karlsplatz 5
80335 Munich
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Theatiner Film

I looked at you like French films? How about this movie in the Theatinerstr. 32. Here European films will be shown in OV with subtitles. A little trip to this fascinating world of film leads you the wonderful film landscape away from the Hollywood mainstream. The films speak for themselves and the general public are not always known. But anyone who loves cinema and movies, feels also well.

Theatinerstr. 32
80333 Munich
Altstadt, Altstadt-Lehel
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The Werkstattkino is small, the films move away from the big mainstream and the audience goes here on a nostalgic journey of film history and also the prices are more than reasonable (between 4,50 and 5,50 Euro & 6 EUR in excess length). The film genres are moving all over the place through various topics. And even if you do not know the movies, the cinematic feel and charm make the Werkstattkino a special experience.

Fraunhoferstr. 9
80469 Munich
Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, Isarvorstadt
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