Exhibition featuring 100for10 Scribblittis- 14. October 2017


The project 100for10 is artist monographs each 100 Pages only 10 Euro. The content and design determine the artist from the international space itself. To book project there are parallel, also featured exhibitions. The next event will take place on this 14. October Lovelace instead of. Here not only the 100for10 monographs are issued. Also, Scribblittis'-Artist Hu Be will be on site, who creates during the event, live scribblittis' on a large glass wall.

Behind the idea for the project 100for10

100for10 is the first curated edition of artist monographs as a book-on-demand. International artists are invited, to make a monograph of his own works. Focus is on works from the fields of art, Illustration, graphic, Photography and fashion. The edition was launched in June 2015 with a total of 20 international authors: The artist Grady Gordon comes from Santa Fe, New Mexiko (USA) and creates monotypes and Images, by rubbing it black ink by a Plexiglas. The photographer Gui Martinez from Tokyo (Japan) is known for his landscapes and portrait series for international magazines.

100for10 also offers unusual discoveries:

Das New Yorker Supermodel Myla Dalbesio („Curvy“) presents intimate drawings from her work as a performance artist. The London artist Rob Lowe gives a humorous, yet deep insight into his creative work. More artists, presented by Edition, are the illustrator Lea Brousse from Berlin, illustrators Frank Höhne (Berlin), André Rösler (Karlsruhe) and Michael Luz (Stuttgart), the designer Mirko Borschemich (Munich), the painter Lars Rosenbohm (Bielefeld) or the fashion designer Damir Doma (Paris).

Each book includes 100 Pages and costs only 10,- Euro.

The edition is in May 2015 von Designer Lars Harmsen (Melville Brand Design) been launched in Munich. The agency specializes in the design of Corporate Design and publications. Its customers include prominent companies such as BMW and Adidas. Melville partner and creative director Lars Harmsen: "The project 100for10 presents the works of artists, designers, Graphic artists and photographers at the center. We offer readers the opportunity, to deal intensively with the work. Our standards of design and design sets new standards. It's what sets us apart from any offer of self-publishing publishers.

Our platform is a hub for the international design scene and a testing ground for confronting modern forms of aesthetics - Beyond Design.

100for10 is a treasure trove for art lovers and collectors!“

Professor Lars Harmsen teaches typography and editorial design at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. He is a partner of the Agency Melville and publishing director of "Slanted Publishers". He is responsible for the award-winning typography and design magazine Slanted, that spans typography, Design, combines illustration and photography.

Quick Facts at a Glance

100for10 exhibition

Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1
80333 Munich

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