Silvester Events 2018 in Munich – Tips & recommendations


The year 2018 is coming back to the end and, accordingly, you should also duly celebrate New Year's Eve. New Year's parties and events for all tastes, there are plenty of finally. So I'll list a few select times as an incentive highlights here and hope, that they also like you.

Events of the year

Even what planned? Munich here offers a wealth of interesting programs of the year. Since the right program for every taste definitely here.

Silvesterfete in the Bavarian Hof

The view of the fireworks from the terrace of the Blue Spa was the last year just indescribable. And the different premises offered a variety of gastronomic delights. Also this year, the premises offer kulianrische delights, a scintillating display in the roof garden, visual highlights and entertainment. Therefore, here is a short list of the calendar can be found here at , what I'm highlighting just a selection of many events here.

The event starts at 17 Pm and the ticket costs between 20 and 59 Euro. Enjoy the food and a glass of champagne. More

a 18 Clock starts with the idea “the sold bride”. After the presentation of the Palais Montgelas you receive you for an aperitif and New Year's dinner. costs 140 Euro pro Person. More

There is an experience menu with musical accompaniment by the band Free Beer & Chicken. If you like the South Seas meals and drinks, is in good hands. Price is 215 Euro pro Person.


from in the ballroom goes 19:30 AM musically with the band “The Swingers”, the rapt ears for music of the 40s and 50s. There is an interesting menu for entertainment.


New Year's Eve at the Tollwood

Fancy now a cultural program with lots of lots of music, Entertainment and treats? Then you are in good hands at the Tollwood terrain. With the New Year's Eve ticket of just 25 Euro eventually you will have access to various areas, where tidy danced. You will receive more information about this event here at

among the highlights:

  • the musical highlights in Mercato with genres such as Funk, Soul Reggae, HipHop, Latin or Oriental Brass
  • best entertainment in Weltsaling with Rupidoo Global Music Club with DJ Rupen
  • The dining room with music by DJ Lemon Squeezer & DJ SpinRound
  • In the Food Plaza Food and music there

New Year's Eve in Glockenbacharea

The Glockenbacharea buzzes and it will be New Year's Eve also the case. Not far away you can enjoy the fireworks in the sky at the Reichenbach bridge or on the banks of the Isar. This year you can also enter into a multi-course meal due. How about also with a visit to Glockenbach? Or do you fancy cocktails at happy hour time in the bars in the quarter? For between Reichenbachbrücke and Sendlinger there are countless venues, waiting, to be discovered.

Here are the interessantesten bars for a successful New Year's Eve?

  • Zephyr Bar: unrivaled cocktail of top quality
  • Robinson’s Bar: very angesagr Bar, which is packed on weekends
  • Auroom: stylish cocktail creations, successful atmosphere will


More About New Year's Eve?

They were now some ideas, that came to my mind. Do you still have more tips for New Year? Here is a list of further recommendations:

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