Prices on the Wiesn : what costs what?

Wiesn in München
let's go to the Oktoberfest
This year's Oktoberfest offers many highlights and unforgettable evenings!

The Oktoberfest is beautiful is a matter, to which one has to adjust - Two weeks of Gaudi, tourists, lots of beer consumption and infinitely more fun. Since I already have some interesting facts presented on the Wiesn the last few years and I have great Wiesn Apps recommended, with which one can easily come to the weekend in the tents, is it time for financial factors. You wonder certainly, how much is the measure this year and how much budget are actually appropriate for a Wiesntag. unfortunately I can not anticipate, how economically or generous you are. But based on the prices you can imagine in about, what you spend in a day and that is not always predictable at high beer consumption. The stated prices are partly estimates updated on the basis of historical data and over time.

The most important advance: the price of a liter of beer

one beer
bittschöö a Dimension

A liter costs in 2018 between 11,10 and 11,50 Euro. Prices have compared to the previous year by around 5% elevated. Soft drinks such as soda or speci lie around the 9 to 10 Euro. Here, the beer prices (11,50 Euro) and prices for Limo (10,40 Euro) and speci (10,60) Paulaner tent on expensive.

2013 prices ranged from 9,40 euro and 9,85 Euro. Die günstigste Maß wurde damals in der Augustiner Festhalle angeboten ( 9,80 Euro ). In the marquees Armbrustschützenzelt (10,05 Euro) , Fischer Vroni (10 Euro), in the beetle (10 Euro), the Löwenbräu tent (10,10 Euro), in Schottenhammel Festhalle (10,10 Euro) and in protecting the marquee (10,05 Euro) was the 10 behind the price tag. However much one here longs but the old days back.

Eat indoors and outdoors

Who eats outside, has been neatly into their pockets. An occupied bread costs depending on the state and offer between 2,50 and 5 Euro. To the expensive food belongs inter alia. half meter bratwurst, Currywurst, Ochs bread (on average 5 Euro), Fish & Chips (round 6 Euro) or 300g almonds. Sweet thing like Cotton candy or crepes come around 2 Euro (depend on the state) relatively cheap way.

People who eat in the tents, zulangen would tidy. Costs a whole chicken at lunch or in the supermarket around 6 Euro, does a half a chicken just Wies 11,50 Euro or more. Steak with fried potatoes, half duck with dumplings or perch fillet grilled move in prices to the 20 Euro. Under certain circumstances you get roast pork with dumplings for 15 Euro. for less than 10 Euro gives meat loaf in the tents with potato salad, Portion Obazda meal, Pancakes and snacks offered there.

Prices vary depending on the stage and beer tent. To obtain a sensitivity on the meadow prices, there Here the food in the beetle tent. Where prices are higher than in the usual tents.

Rides at a glance

Olympia Looping ride

These are prices of 2014: round 50 Rides are on the Theresienwiese to see. With around 80km / h is one example, Alpina Bahn among the attractions at the rides. These and similar rides like Olympia Looping or wild mouse vary on different days between 6 and 8 Euro. Just this price level access to most rides for adults, no matter whether it's Skyfall, Parkour or giant pendulum cyberspace is. Von der Zeit-/ Preisrelation ist vielleicht das Riesenrad recht preisgünstig. The price per minute for rotation costs about 65 takes seconds per minute and the fun 10 minutes. Particularly favorable Munich Rutschn, Music Express and tumbler, to my knowledge, at around 3 euro are. Children come with prices between 1 and 2,50 Euro at great rides such as Kinderkarrussell, Jumbo flight, Children bumper cars or rally 2000.

Bumper cars Prices depend on the day visited. 2,50 Euro you pay for approximately 2 Minute drive during the week. Saturday you drive at the same price for only one and a half minutes drive, if a lot more going on.

How much is a Wiesnherz

Oktoberfest heart

An Oktoberfest without heart is like a hangover of pain: The sweet Wiesnherzerl belong to Oktoberfest as the white-blue sky of Bavaria. And depending on the size, prices vary accordingly. From 5 euro up 50 Euro (!) everything is represented, what your heart desires. At some booths even individual lettering can make. On Internet sites like can give Lebkuchenherzchen throughout the year. The Wiesnherzchen but you should not buy for personal consumption, but the dearest fellow, give partners and flirting objects.

How much money to take the Wiesn?

For 12 Euro The guest shall receive

  • one beer
  • ... or can sober 2 ride rides

For a budget of 50 Euro you can(n) /woman in a nice evening

  • 3 drinking liters of beer
  • 1 have break and lunch meals or ride some rides
  • And if the money is still sufficient to buy a mini Wiesnherzerl

For 100 Euro (that would be my recommendation) there is the whole Wiesntag

  • neat drink beer (usually 4 Measure around 48 Euro; 6 cost measure 72 Euro)
  • 2-3 take meals a day to himself (20-30 Euro)
  • drive several rides
  • buy the loved one and possibly Wiesnherz. Buy Oktoberfest Accessories

Add to this a little more budget with, You can also

  • antanzen in clubs the after party Wies
  • pay the cab fare to get home

The visit to the Wiesn therefore falls not cheap and you should consider yourselves, how often do you then go and how much fun you want to have. Do you still Details of prices and wishes her further additions, then let me know.

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