Let's go to the Oktoberfest 2018 - general information

Let's go to the Oktoberfest

„O’zapft is“!

The Oktoberfest 2018 promises to be exciting. Exactly at the tapping 12 PM begins the annual largest festival in the world and the Bavarian capital, next locals Friends, Guests, family members, Tourists around the globe. Knapp 7 Million visitors are expected and about 70000 Hectoliters of beer flowing through the throats of thirsty visitors in the large and small tents and at numerous After Wiesn Events!
Getting up early is worthwhile in any case. Finally, the much sought-after plots are especially hard-fought on the first Wiesntag and large tents probably have closed their doors after a few minutes. Tips from me Here's some for Oktoberfest. Let's go to the Oktoberfest: drink, make fun, be happy!

The beginning and end of the Wiesn 2018

The Oktoberfest starts on 22.09.2018. With the tapping of the first beer keg in the Schottenhamel by the incumbent Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter Oktoberfest is scheduled for opening. The Oktoberfest ends on October 7 2018!

Getting to the Oktoberfest by public transport


You want to go by car? Then stay away from Alk. Who uses public transport, may be reached by underground the festival in several ways. Directly to the Theresienwiese get there by subway U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese. Also within walking distance is the U- Bahn Station Goetheplatz, from where the Theresienwiese one after about 10 Minute walk reached. You climb there on Royal Filmpalast and goes along the road, until you reach the Theresienwiese.


Also very popular and not too stressful as the subway on the direct route to the Oktoberfest is the 15 minute walk from the train Hackerbrucke to Wiesn. From the train station you go down the street to Bayerstraße, turns into the Martin- Greif- Road and then automatically comes to the Theresienwiese. These are the best known ways, how to get to the Wiesn.
Alternatively, can you train rail link, by your using the S7, S20 or S27 to Hemeranplatz and continue with the U4 or U5 to Schwanthalerhöhe or Theresienwiese drives.

Bus/ Tram

With the Metro bus line 53 can you to the stop Schwanthalerhöhe or with the city bus line 131 or 132 go to Hans Fischer street or Poccistraße. By tram you reach with the line 16 and 17 the Hackerbrücke. From there it is only a small walk to the Wiesn.

Entry checks at the Oktoberfest

2016 Measures were first taken to safety precautions and the Theresienwiese is sealed off by a security fence. Access to the Oktoberfest takes place via one of the 15 inputs. These are embedded here in the oktoberfest.de side and help you with the orientation.

The security arrangements also backpacks and large bags are prohibited in future. Even small backpacks and gym bags should be left at home. They will take you more seriously clean. Should you have your pockets by mistake but it, can you post it in the luggage offices. is more to it hereunder https://www.oktoberfest.de/de/article/Oktoberfest+2018/Service/Gep%C3%A4ckaufbewahrung/2009/ !

When to be there, To get into the beer tents?

Fischer Vroni

then go as early as possible! Considering, that very loyal fans meadow or spend the night there. go through the party night and go there, can be prepared, what's in a. Who has not reserved and minimal chances of a place in the big tents as Schottenhammel or Hacker tent calculates, should antanzen as early as possible - 6 In the morning to queue at the tent is not uncommon.

Finally the snake from minute to minute is getting longer. And when to 9 PM to open the doors in Schottenhammel, you only have a few minutes, to snag one of the coveted spots. Far greater chance you have in the smaller tents as in the wine tent or Fischer-Vroni. Who wants to definitely get a place in the beer tent, typically has been reserved in the previous year.
During the week, the beer tents have between 10 and 23:30 pM open. Last serving is here to 22:30 Clock. At the weekend, the tents have to 9 pM open. This also applies to the first Wiesntag, where the initial pass only to 12 PM takes place.

A reservation at Schottenhammel way, is already in November of the previous year possible. Here, for each reserved person is the loss of a coupon (for this year 2 Liters of beer and half a chicken) mandatory.

Which beer tent is right for me?

Beer tent is not just beer tent. The Wies visitors are of course welcome in all tents. But you realize during the visits very quickly, what audience is there typical. It can fro like a wild party mix with all the people around the globe. But the cozy meadow Visitors, it like traditional likes or Munich, are fond among themselves, For her wish tent. A great guide has the comedian Harry G made on Youtube. Is the recommendation for orientation at the Theresienwiese:

Prices for an Oktoberfest measure: round 11 Euro average

Prices were in 2013 still under 10 Euro, have beer prices in 2018 clearly increased. The Wies tents require first time 11 Euro. As prices fall out in the tents, can you under here https://www.muenchen.tv/bierpreise-auf-dem-oktoberfest-2018-wiesn-mass-kostet-bis-1150-e-271736/ read up. In August Inter Festhalle, in the marquee on the tradition Oiden Wiesn the measure is 11,10 Euro. Cheaper it gets you nowhere else. Assuming, that every visitor for a whole Wesntag average 4 drinking level and in addition to the hard Oktoberfest everyday yet Essen ordered, it is my opinion with 70 Euro in the beer tent alone doing well.

How strong is the number of visitors

In / So

Especially in the first week of Wies number of visitors is particularly strong. In the tents one morning comes with either reservation or you stand up very early. In the evenings from 20 PM could the doors be loosened. Especially on Sunday, where many get up early the next day, the chance large, still get in.

Monday till Thursday

During the week, the Oktoberfest is especially in the evening well attended. Otherwise, the transition to the Oktoberfest is on working a rather quiet affair. In the afternoon and late evening much will of course be going again. Who has free on weekdays during the week, Good chance to take a seat.


Friday night the meadow mood rises just in time for Weekend Time strong again and takes a late hour full speed on. Very lucky obtained at that time a seat in the tent.

The best Oktoberfest Apps


Accommodation in hotels, Hostels, Jugendherberggen or campsites must not impossible. I recommend airbnb, couchsurfing or Wiesn Camp in Riem. Ideally, you should have booked earlier in time, before prices go to Wiesnzeit steeply upward.



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