Sleeves against blood cancer: Great typing action at the Munich bank

Martin Mitterer
Every year many people will by a stem cell- or bone marrow transplantation cured. One of them is Martin Mitterer. The 38-year-old from Ebersberg suffering from leukemia and lives today thanks to a volunteer stem cell donor again a healthy, happy life. He is his donor deeply connected to date and wishes, that many other leukemia patients get the same chance as he. Therefore, it supports a typing action, that of his mother's employer, Munich Bank, together with the Foundation's action bone marrow donation Bayern (AKB) organized.
On Thursday, 11. October, opens the Munich Bank of 10 to 18 AM its museum on Frauenplatz 2 in Munich for the typing action of the Foundation AKB, so many Munich can register as potential stem cell donors. be lifesaver is easy: Any healthy person between 17 and 45 Years can can be removed a few milliliters of blood. The blood samples are then tested for their tissue type and the data stored in the bone marrow donor of the Foundation AKB, from where they will be provided a worldwide network available.

Notification from the foundation AKB

If the tissue characteristics of a potential donor match those of a patient, gibt es eine Benachrichtigung an die Spender von der Stiftung AKB. This is followed by extensive research and preparation, at the end of a successful transplant is often – as Martin Mitterer. Today, he is himself a doctor and have medical supervision while typing action. Martin Mitterer hopes, that on 11. October can welcome many people in the Munich bank. register as a stem cell donor or support the work of the Foundation AKB with a donation is a big deal. Because: "You invest so little and can thus save a human life."
To the action also Bolles Mobile EIZ magic will come to the Frauenplatz and create individual flavors of ice cream for the lifesavers and other visitors.

Registration also own home

Who am 11. October has no time, can also register from home: With the Lebensretterset, das die Stiftung AKB unter anbietet.
For cash donations, the Munich bank has set up a project Cowdfunding: Under cancer oder alternativ auch per Überweisung auf unten genanntes Konto können auch alle, which are already registered in a bone marrow donor or can not become stem cell donors, help, to save lives.

Donations of the Foundation Action bone marrow donation Bayern

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WERE GOING: DE57 7025 0150 0022 3944 80
Usage: typing action

Stem cells save lives

Leukemia is curable, when a suitable stem cell donor is found in time. For leukemia patients worldwide each raised new Registered chance, to be healthy again. everyone can be typed between 17 and 45 years, is healthy and in good shape physically. Here, a few drops of blood or a cheek swab and a few minutes are necessary.

A stem cell- or bone marrow donation has nothing to do with the spinal cord

Stem cell donation, see today usually on an outpatient basis over the arm vein instead. Only in 20 Percent of cases choose the transplant doctors a bone marrow removed from the iliac crest. A stem cell donation takes place always with personal attention and a comprehensive information and advice by the doctors and the ambulance team of the Foundation AKB in Gauting or in Munich at the Blood Transfusion Service of the Bavarian Red Cross.

About AKB

Overall, the AKB Foundation manages nearly Today 315.000 Donors mainly from Bavaria. To date, have already been transferred 4.300 Stem cell donations mediated, daily coming three to four new ones. Main tasks of the Foundation and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Bavarian stem cell bank gGmbH, are expanding and managing donor, the provision of stem cell donors and the implementation of stem cell- and bone marrow harvesting. To finance the costly molecular genetic studies for registration AKB Foundation depends on donations.
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