18. Munich Science Days 10. to 13. November "working environments - ideas for a better future"

Munich Science Days

What happens to our work? Since the one hand, the robot and the artificial intelligence, that will support us in the future in our daily work. On the other hand, however, give us the new techniques worries: Apply Machines, communicate with each other autonomously and without people, soon our work? How many and which jobs by industry 4.0 and work 4.0 in danger? What will change with the new digitally networked work? are over - under the slogan "Ideas for a better future work environments" 300 Experts ready for the dialogue between science and citizens. The Munich Science Days lure with a promising program.

28 Lectures and four theme nights, over 20 Market stalls of science, many workshops and an attractive children's program offers you and your family in the Old Convention Center on the Theresienhöhe. In the opposite Traffic Center of the German Museum more events take place. Special workshops and tours call or to students. teachers.

18. Munich Science Days – general information

City of Science Days

Central venue is the old convention center and the opposite traffic center of the German museum on the Theresienhöhe.

Admission to all events is free. In 28 Lectures explain top scientists in the Old Congress Hall, the new drivers, change the world of work. You explain, what robots and artificial intelligence can actually. They ask, how many and which jobs are and through them at risk which are newly created. They ask: "How can the increasing digitization on the psyche affects?“, "If the social-ecological transformation of the working society possible?“, "Where human dignity remains in the future world of work?"Or" What are the opportunities and risks provides the migration for the world of work and the economy?“.
Versatile as the lectures during the day are the four theme nights at the Old Convention Center.

So we ask on Saturday night, 10. November: "How change Artificial Intelligence and Robotics our working world?"Guests are the leading robotics specialist Prof. Alin Albu-Schaffer, Prof. Sami Haddadin and Prof. Sabine Pfeiffer. The evening moderated Jens Schröder, Editor in chief of National Geographic Germany.

● The Sunday evening, 11. November under the motto "Work 4.0 between self-realization and psychological stress faced ". The stress specialist Prof. Caroline Mr., Dr. Manuela Sirrenberg and Prof. Harald Gündel new impetus for better and healthier future work environments. The moderated by the Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital of the University of Munich, Prof. Peter Falkai. ● "Are even without growth, or if the post-growth society is a utopia?"Ask on Monday night, 12. November Prof.. Karen Pittel, the head of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Resources, Prof. Stephan Lessenich, Professor of Political Sociology social inequality at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Munich and Nina litter from concept plant new economy in Leipzig. The panel discussion moderated Alexander Hagelüken, managing editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung economic policy.

● On Tuesday evening 13. November says the well-known social psychologist Prof. Dieter Frey on "work - ethics - leadership" and presents new ideas for a better working environment. He then discussed his ideas with publicist and author of "conscience" of the SZ-Magazin Dr. Rainer Erlinger.

On 24 Market stalls in the Old Congress Hall are experts ready, to enter into dialogue with the visitors on a wide variety of topics: Focus on the industry of the future, on new interactions between man and machine and the psychic, social and environmental impact of the new work environments.
On weekends, children can from eight years in children's art laboratory in the old Convention Hall in open laboratories and workshops explore using various job profiles, such as work changes. How to build houses? People have even still work? Can take over the machines? In the future workshop imaginative robots and machines created. In the newspaper workshop the children go to questions such as "Who has a job and who does not?"And" Who does what work and why?“.

in just 20 various workshops and discussions in the Old Congress Hall and transport center of the German Museum, participants learn, how to recognize and cope with stress, they take a look at the history of the work and reflect on the role of gender. In a Science Slam young scientists presenting their research, Experiences and pioneering ideas about work. Many other workshops contact pupils of all school types and grades.

In addition, school classes are offered through the market stalls.
In Workshops, Guided tours and lectures will be decentralized in the Greater Munich shown, among others,, how to deal with 3D printers and laser cutters, what architecture, Design and working to one another and what they have to tell us the great philosophers on labor.
The capacities of some rooms, Tours and workshops are limited; therefore some offers require registration.


The complete program, additional Information, or registration contacts and labeling free. For ausgebuchter deals in: www.muenchner-wissenschaftstage.de.
The program of the Munich Science Days is based again on the Year of Science of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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