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If you ask me for recommendations for good hot pot restaurants, is itself an Asian connoisseurs as I easily waver and would have to think a while. for restaurants, which are specifically designed for hot pot dishes, there is only in reasonable number. With Fire Dragon Lounge and Yen’C Hot Pot Gourmet two restaurants have established themselves in the Bavarian capital and both venues I naturally scrutinized and tested. Excellent hot pot dishes as they are cooked in my country of origin Vietnam in a complex manner, However, I miss so far.

What is a hot pot dish?

Hot pot is nothing more than a hot pot, the hinköchelt and during the meal before the connoisseurs can fish out the dishes fresh from the pot and eat. In Vietnam, it is a very hot stock (known as Lau), be added in the different ingredients when cooking. And the preparation is not a trivial matter. Depending on, what foods are added, the broth is adjusted to the food and if necessary. spicy or cooked in a mild spicy. Together with several people in general, a mobile gas stove or an electric hot plate is used.

Here is a great video of Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food):

This is precisely the principle in the hot pot restaurants here in Munich and the two Chinese hot-pot restaurants offer here a rich buffet. Who is not satisfied here at the All You Can variant, has basically done something wrong.

Fire Dragon Lounge

The two hot pot restaurants have become firmly established in Munich and not only by Chinese, but we visited Vietnamese frequently. The Fire Dragon Lounge in der Paul Heyse Straße here provides an authentic form of the preparation, which is common in China. is taken a special metal pot, which is severed in the middle, when several people sit at the table, where the one the broth in hot sauce and the other rather mild version prefer.

The guest receives here a buffet and can next to the vegetables, the meat dishes (including various seafood such as shrimp, fish, oysters, crabmeat, small lobster) be selected. The seafood come from the freezer straight into the buffet. That's OK, since uncooled Seafood not only taste awful for a long time, but are bad for the stomach on health perspective. are very commendable here the appetizer dishes, which are also included in the buffet and as cold dishes are quite tasty.

Knapp 16 Euro should be invested for the buffet and the money is worthwhile in any case, for all, who neatly Kohldampf. Still lagging the quality of Asian cuisine, as they are known in Vietnamese food stalls, after. In a large buffet, where everything is served on the fly, of course, to be expected quality losses. But the food makes nevertheless addictive and rarely are shrimp, small lobster, Tintentfische for such a low price offered.

Fire Dragon Lounge
Paul-Heyse-Str. 29
80336 Munich
phone number 089 59988466


Yen’C Hot Pot Gourmet

The Yen'C hot pot gourmet restaurant has a similar structure in structure: There are in addition to the food for the fire pot also another hot dishes, a little exotic nature. Besides duck meat, would have to guests at the pigs' feet, chicken feet, Frog legs etc. dare. But the buffet offer for the Hotpot is for the price of just 15 euro tidy. Unlike the Fire Dragon Lounge each seat is equipped with a built-in table Stove. So several people do not have to share a pot and can cook the stuff directly in place. This is in my opinion a small advantage over Fire Dragon Lounge. the desserts necessarily try there! The great advantage in Yen'C have their own cooking pots on their own space. Here do not have diverse people throwing their favorite dishes in a pot, but each has its own hot pot.

Yen’C Hot Pot Gourmet Restaurant
Garmischer Str 10
80339 Munich
phone number 089 72649408
directly to the underground Schwanthalerhoehe


Are those restaurants in Munich worth a recommendation?

The restaurants are really great recommendations for those, who neatly hunger, want to try exotic dishes and want to spend a great evening with friends. Hot pot evenings at a restaurant, you can enjoy the very best with lots of much beer as socializing drink. But do yourself a picture!


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