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Christmas Market

Christmas is at the door. Although the days are shorter, colder and darker. Nevertheless, it sees us out anyway. First, the shopping trips are with the Christmas presents and secondly, we want to throw in the numerous stalls to look at the Christmas Products. The warm drinks and delicacies lure the masses again and again. But where are all the Christmas markets at all? The big Christmas markets in the city we know all. But there are also smaller markets, you do not always have on the radar, if you do not live in the area. Therefore, there is here is a small list of Christmas markets, that we know so.

Overview of the most beautiful Christmas markets

Of course I try to keep track of all markets to spot. If you know some more, can you recommend in the comments and I will of course also integrate here. is important to me only, that in the end a great overview is available and all major markets, You Should Know, to be introduced.

Christmas marketsparticularities
Bogenhausener Enchanted Christmas market
Englschalkinger Place
Very beautiful lighting. Ideal for Christmas globetrotter!
get on the tram, drinking mulled wine, enjoy the city tour and in a good mood
Haidhauser Christmas Market
Weißenbuger place
Not too long ago, a secret and now mentioned as a real recommendation here. Not to be missed!
Medieval Christmas Market
Near Odeonsplatz it comes to medieval. Let yourself be enchanted as. It is worth it!
Fairytale Bazar Leonrodplatz
Dachauerstraße 114
Offers attractions and entertainment at, on weekends even up 1 opened the morning - Top recommendation!
Munich Christmas Market
Marienplatz 26
Beautiful Christmas market in the city center with a large crowd and many interesting stalls.
Pasinger Christmas Market
Bäckererstr. 21
takes place at the advent weekends, featured articles and a popular program
Pink Christmas 2018
Stephansplatz (Glockenbachviertel)
A special Christmas Market, that is not only of interest to the gay community
Schwabing Christmas MarketLures with Leut, light & Survivalist - offers plenty for the eye
Sendlinger Christkindlmarkt Harras
Am Harras 13
over 30 Estates and many exhibitors with interesting social program!
Tollwood Winterfestival
not a traditional Christmas market, but has lots of interesting stalls and attractions - well attended!
Christmas market at the Chinese Tower
English garden 3
Access by bus - delicious mulled wine and attractions such as curling, carousel
Christmas market residence
Residenzstraße 1
One of the most atmospheric and sehenswertesten markets in the city!
Christmas market Sendlinger Tor
Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11
Is right on the subway at Sendlingertor: Although slightly smaller, but also has its charm
Winter Market at Munich Airport
Munich Airport Center
So travel is fun! There are mulled wine stalls, treats, an ice rink for Eisschlittschuhfans - very Christmassy.
Winterzauber am ViktualienmarktThe Christmas market at the Viktualienmarkt attracts primarily with interesting grilled specialties and, of course, mulled wine!

My personal favorites

I can only speak from personal experience. But in my many visits to the Christmas markets in particular, these markets have remained in good memory to me:

Haidhauser Christmas Market

Beautifully constructed Christmas market with the Glass Palace fountain in the center of the square and the fairy lights on the trees provide bright Christmas spirit. The Christmas market has a very family friendly. There are at a very nice program with interesting highlights and Christmas music. Very well done and more than recommended.

The fairy tale Bazar on Leonrodplatz

from 29. to 29.12.2018 the fairytale bazaar offers plenty for the eye. On Leonrodplatz a varied program with many attractions offered to the public. since it does not come so fast and the discovery possibilities are very large. emphasize strongly the music program here at . Who does not know the market, definitely pay a visit!

Medieval Christmas Market

Suckling pig on the spit, Flash bread delicious mulled wine from the clay jug – paying attention here very strongly suggests, that everything here is offered medieval. And therefore the medieval Christmas market is one with its optical splendor, his offer and his performance to my personal favorite Christmas markets.

Which Christmas markets visited her?

I hope, that you have received a good overview of the markets and would be happy, if you can still recommend further Christmas markets. Of course I have not listed all the Christmas markets here. But at least the main, which is well attended by the mass, have listed.


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