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Bread in Vietnam

It haunts me everywhere, when in Vietnam or in Asian neighborhoods in European cities or in Australia I move. Banh Mi is a baguette, which is done by Vietnamese craftsmanship and is quite delicious. For some time I realize more and more, that especially for this treat takeaways and restaurants are named after or have the focus really geared specifically to Banh Mi. What's really in it and where you can try out the in Munich, I once collected here in a small collection times.

What's Banh Mi?

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese term for all types of bread in Vietnam. The baguette is in Vietnam but also because the French colonial period, the most common form of bread. There is usually also baguettes are served in snack bars or in the Vietnamese street food and offered.

If you ordered banh mi, The baguettes are filled with typical ingredients for regional specialty. If you like, then that is a little similar to the Subway Sandwiches. A typical assignment of ingredients consists of the following side dishes for the Baguette: Pastete, Grill, coriander, sweet and sour pickles of sliced ​​carrots and radish (with sugar, salt, blended food and water). The sandwich is softer than the typical baguettes from France. Banh Mi is one of the specialties in Vietnam and can be eaten any time of day as the Pho Bo soup.

And that also tastes really great. So it is no wonder, that Banh Mi is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. Here is a nice video on the Channel Honeysuckle about Banh Mi:

Where to eat in Munich Banh Mi and how much it costs?

So you have a good overview of the options in Munich, I once listed some selected recommendations here. These are not, of course, all catering locations, offer Banh Mi. For more information you need by clicking open only at the respective locations and thus get the prices to some examples from the menu.

To order:
Telephone: 089 25549169

from 6,50 Euro

with sweet grilled pork

Pate Char siu
with liver pate & grilled pork

with spicy beef

To order:,
Telephone: 089 69395411

from 3,99 Euro

Banh Mi Yakitori
with chicken
3,99 Euro

What are we Banh Ente
6,99 Euro

Banh Mi with grilled pork
4,99 Euro

Telephone: 089 76990202

3,80 Euro (halbe Banh Mi), whole for 6,80 Euro


  • bbq pork
  • chicken bulgogi
  • 5 spices beef
  • tomato tofu

089 / 24 22 33 47


from 6,90 Euro


Chicken sandwiches
with Pulled Chicken, Pâté, vietnamesischer Mayo
6,90 Euro

Pork Banh Mi
pork meat, Pâté, vietnanemsischer Mayo
6,90 Euro

Telephone: 089 51110232

from 7,90 Euro

  • BAMI 1976 Special for 7,90 Euro
  • Beef Steak Avocado for 7,90 Euro
  • duck for 7,90 Euro
  • Grilled King Prawnds 8.90 Euro

Do you still have other recommendations?

Do you have good experiences with other local, Restaurants and snack bars collected. Then your knowledge likes to share here. I like to refer to other interesting blog posts and pages.

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