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The term all you can eat is translated into German flatrate food and exactly this system is a fixed part in special restaurants, to satisfy our stomachs with culinary highlights and to fill. of course, not uncommon commentary, that the food at the buffet is not as good as with a lovingly prepared dish. This is ultimately differ from case to case. But when the stomach growls, you should take now and again the quality differences in purchasing. so I've been thinking, which all-you-can-eat restaurant remained still positive in my memory and can you recommend the following locations without hesitation, I have been assigned for a rough week schedule times.

The weekly list is of course supplemented over time 😉 . However, the prices change over time and I would be pleased, if you can suggesting changes and recommend great places. Finally, a current list of top recommendations is to be built here.

Der All you can eat Wochenplan

on Monday

Breisach Str. 19
81667 Munich
buffet 12,90 Euro

Don Luca – Cantina Mexicana
Leopoldstrasse 44
80802 Munich
FON: 089 / 330 19 330
FAX: 089 / 330 797 80 ; All-you-can-eat Chicken Wings 12,90 Euro

on Tuesdays

Tsuki-Ji Restaurant
80337 Munich
Sushi Treadmill: 16,50 EUR night, children up 9 years 5,90 Euro,
9,90 euro noon (Mon-Saturday)


asado STEAK
Every Wednesday, except holidays from 18:00 Clock
Spare-Ribs „No-Limit“


15,15 Euro

Majestic Asia
Kistlerthofstr. 251
81379 Munich
089 / 78017660
district: Obersendling
Buffet lunch and dinner buffet


Kyoto Running Sushi
Heimeranplatz 2
80339 Munich
Dinner buffet Sushi

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut at the main station
u.a. Bayerstraße 13
80335 Munich
Tel.: 089-54829880
Pizza Festival 9,90 Euro between 18 and 22 Clock



Restaurant Hu
Boschetsriederstraße 72
81379 Munich
Saturday from 12-14 Clock

Yen’C Hot Pot Gourmet
Garmischer Str 10
80339 Munich
Tel. 089 72649408
Hot pot buffet daily: 18,90 Euro (Mo-So 18-23 Clock), Sunday noon 16,90 Euro


Fire Dragon Lounge
Paul-Heyse-Straße 29
80336 Munich
HotPot ab ca. 19,80Euro

Kyoto – Running Sushi – All you can eat
Heimeranplatz 2
80339 Munich
Tel 089 / 500 78 998


Small Brewery Dicker Mann
Heinrich Wielandstr. 11
81735 Munich
Schnitzel Sunday 10,99 Euro between 11 and 23 Clock


Mongo’s Bar
Oberanger 28
80331 Munich
Tel.: 089 23225800
Asia Brunch ab 14.10.2018 Sunday


tägliche All-you-can-eat Büffets

Kaulbachstr. 86
80802 Munich
Tel.: +4989333738
lunch: Arabic buffet 7,50 € von Mo-Fr (12-15 Clock)


GOURMET TEMPLE MUNICH – Asian cuisine with a sumptuous buffet!
Maria-Probst-Str. 22, 80939 Munich
+49 89-318 888 48

lunch buffet, you. – Saddle.:
8,90 EUR (without Mongolian BBQ)
13,90 EUR (with Mongolian BBQ)

in the evening: 23,90 EUR
All you can eat & All you can drink!

Sundays- & Holidays throughout 23,90 EUR
All you can eat & All you can drink!


Majestic Asia
Kistlerthofstr. 251
81379 Munich
Mo.-So. 11:30 – 23:30
089 / 78017660
district: Obersendling

  • Daily dinner buffet, 16,80 EUR night, children from 5 and 10 pay years 8,80 Euro
  • Lunch buffet on Sundays- and holidays with barbecue 14,80 Euro pro Person (without grill 8,50 Euro), children from 5 and 10 pay years 8,80 Euro (without grill 5,80 Euro)

Asahi Running Sushi & Bar
Leopoldstr. 27
80802 Munich

A few select locations in detail

on Monday


Mongo’s Bar

In an elegant environment Mongo's has a great variation of dishes with fresh products of the finest quality, which are also more expensive than usual. You can at the beginning determine, how many transitions to the buffet is taken up to (1round, 2 Runden oder all-you-can-eat) and accordingly does this impact on the total price. First, the marinade is determined and afterwards follows the selection of food. Among the meats include beef next, bitch, pig, Shrimp or fish and camel meat, Crocodile or ostrich. absolutely delicious, even if the store is not cheap.



If it is one or the other Tsuki-Ji visitors not noticed, the waiter at the bar is not as expected a Japanese, but a Vietnamese and restaurant is for me and my buddies to the favorite sushi shops in the city. The sushi rolls are slightly smaller failed and stand for a while on the treadmill. But it is highly recommended.

photo: ©clearlens-images /



Pappasito's Munich

Dance, Drink, Parties, good mood? A bit of everything and then a delicious dish just adds. For a fun evening with friends this location is ideal to have really a lot of fun. Es gibt Chili con Carne, citizens, Fajitas, nachos, Chicken Wings, wonderful salad dishes and many other delicacies.


Restaurant Hu

Live cooking special: Before the guests Chinese specialties are conjured up in authentic style and meadow. A rich all you can eat range of just under 100 Dishes from appetizers to main course ensures the great agony of choice


Fire Dragon Lounge

The only good thing HotPot Restaurant, I know so far here in the city. There is a buffet for starters and an all-you-can-eat buffet for the hot pot gear, where shrimp, Tofu, beef, crayfish, Octopus, Vegetables and other Tasty offered to cook. Offered is a cook-gas pot with two halves: even mild on the one hand and once keen on the other side. With several friends, the fun is definitely worth. However, one should be careful, not to throw everything into the pot, otherwise the broth would not taste quite as heartily at the end.

Hot Pot



Small Brewery Dicker Mann

Fat is eaten in thicknesses man. Although I habs not tried, but exciting it still sounds. Besides tasty specialties, offering a Bavarian restaurant so, All-you-can-eat schnitzel Sunday sounds very tempting. Because there are so many Schnitzel, such as the stomach, the withstand. A must for fans Schnitzel!

still knows your other all-you-can-eat places?


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