Karaoke bar in Munich : recommendations

Karaoke in Munich

To sing songs at a karaoke bar, you do not have to bring an excessive amount of singing talent certainly. The main thing is, however,, that a lot of friends at karaoke evening are and the fun factor is particularly high. There are yet many among my friends, the hobby love to sing and put their talents to an audience. Others prove by chants, which is famous for football evenings, they can certainly create the right mood. And there are several karaoke bars in Munich, where the mood when singing comes. While researching on the internet I have already discovered many interesting locations and but want you not withhold my personal favorites.

Asian Karaoke Bar complacent?

Vocal talent is certainly in Asian genes. And it, guests can take a picture in the following locations:

Ratchada - Asia Food Karaoke mit Keller

The Ratchada is especially for my Asian friends a popular meeting place for a karaoke bar, and is a Thai restaurant and bar with karaoke night from 23 Clock. Because sung Thai, German and other English songs, that we know so. The location can be ultimately used for various purposes such as birthdays, wedding, Book company celebration and other events and karaoke bar from 23 aM ideal.

Bar& Thai Restaurant
Schwanthalerstr. 8
80336 Munich
karaoke date. from 23 Clock

Thai Restaurant Chao Khum

12 Years, this chic restaurant is already under his belt and has been 2013 in Gabelsbergerstraße. After this 1993 a special birthday party with karaoke singing with the guests was very well, the karaoke event was included in the program a year later as a fixed event. Karaoke nights here every day from 23 pm. The selection of songs have been even wider in favor of the guests and here partly club evenings for special events take place.

Chao Khun
Gabelsbergerstr. 50
80333 Munich
089/ 284041
Karaoke tg. From 23 Clock

Fire Dragon Lounge

Who would have thought that? In the Fire Dragon Lounge you can not only enjoy wonderful hot-pot dishes, but on Fridays and Saturdays to sing later hour still Karaoke. For this, a video projector was integrated in the restaurant. For the serene hours before closing highly recommended!

Fire Dragon Lounge
Paul-Heyse-Straße 29
80336 Munich
Tel:. 089 59988466

Karaoke on Friday and Saturday late night

International songs to sing - the right locations

Kilians Irish Pub

The store is quite to my taste and provides the opportunity, right abzufeiern with the Irish people and other English-speaking contemporaries. when drinking, Partypeople und Karaoke Shows, take place every Sunday, you can put his entertainer's skills to the test. be played here International World songs to roar and sing along. For me, it is in terms of beautiful karaoke evenings a great location!

Kilians Irish Pub
Frauenplatz 11
80331 Munich
Karaoke Event Sunday


Local Kennedys Bar & Restaurant

Very large audience, Bavarian meal, restaurant, Beer and good humor – Kennedy's Bar is a location to my liking. In general, the karaoke parties here on Wednesdays. Who wants to sing along even properly after alcohol consumption here, this is the place.

Local Kennedys Bar & Restaurant, Karaoke Wednesdays

Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11
80336 Munich
Telephone: 089 599 88 460
Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11
80336 Munich
Telephone: 089 599 88 460


hop cone

This cozy little pub I met a few years ago as part of an Erasmus Party. And the people, the abfeierten there, know exactly, how to bring the atmosphere to boiling point. Gaudistimmung, Party feeling and good humor should not be left at home. Karaoke Events's Sunday and to my knowledge and Thursdays, if nothing has changed since.

hop cone, Paddy’s Irish Pub
Feilitzschstr. 17
80802 Munich
Tel. 089 – 333622

As the number of karaoke bars is very large, I have listed only a limited number of locations. Gladly you could recommend me yet Locations, I would like to try out.


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