Online advertising for businesses in Munich – what to look for?

Online advertising for businesses

Online advertising is a versatile field. Here can not even recommend a single strategy, because what for a dentist in Munich works, can continue at all have no effect for the ophthalmologist two streets. For local advertising on the Internet also other factors are still observed. It is of little use, to be guided by the big companies, all of which should act globally, they have a very different audience. To the target group, however, it comes with online advertising in Munich and around the world always. Who these does not know, who can not promote decent. This is especially true for advertising platforms like Google Adwords (Now Google Ads) or Facebook Ads. This article gives some hints and shows, what matters.

narrow the target group

For some it is "my patients", for the other "my customers". That alone is not enough for the target group namely provisions. For effective online advertising, the target group must be restricted as tightly as possible, Otherwise, the advertiser pays just for pay-per-click ads vast sums for no consideration. And how does an entrepreneur his audience out? An example of this can detailed Buyer Personas his. An overview:

  • environment – doctors, Lawyers and service providers have been around more easily here. They generally have a customer file and can figure out quite quickly, the region from which the vast customers come. Comes the clientele of a Munich doctor from the city itself, or rather from the surrounding area? And entrepreneurs with its own retail store may collect such data. Everyone knows surely from some shops or supermarkets, the question of the zip code of the customer? The shopkeeper try just only, narrow the catchment area of ​​the clientele.
  • Alter – different age groups take advertising to different and pay attention to different details. Young people want to be more entertained by advertising, older people, however, want information.
  • gender – the sex plays a role, because it decides about it again, what publicity is accepted and which are not.
  • medial whereabouts – many people have a virtual residence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. As an entrepreneur, it is important, to know, where to hide the potential customers. It brings little, to launch an extensive campaign on YouTube, if customers are predominantly on facebook.
  • Interests – which is another factor, which is very important for online advertising. Of course, it is in the interest of the entrepreneur, For potential customers it well, but to switch to target advertising, the interests of customers are equally important. It is precisely social networks show ads based on the interests of. Is advertising a Munich medical trade now appears predominantly young skaters, Although bears the ironic, but has no benefit.

A Munich entrepreneur should have a good idea of ​​its customers. Certainly this is easier with a local business, because here stop by the customer in person. But even with an online store or an online service provider, this data can raise with good programs and any help.

Collaborate with professionals

It is already clear: The target group determination is not easy and entrepreneurs can make many mistakes. Incidentally, this is not a cause for shame, because even large companies or persons known to turn on Facebook or on Google Adwords Ads, the targeted foreign display. The only difference is, that here often the money is available, a lot of error allowed. However, the marketing budget of a smaller operator is limited. But is that a reason, to waive the online advertising? No, more of a reason, yourself a professional from Munich comes to Adwords and PPC advertising to get on board:

  • Targeting – Professionals can determine the target audience significantly easier, as an entrepreneur. Not only do they have an external view of the operation, they also have the experience and the means, perform an analysis and determination. so can For example, during the festive season also attract a local retail store by Google Ads clientele. Here the keyword Focus has to be set regional.
  • Show – Professionals can specifically recommend, which ads can have a benefit and which do not. It is also possible for them, build the ads so, as is necessary for the target group. The company may not like the result, but here applies: The bait has a fish, not the fisherman ".
  • costs – of course, the assignment of an agency costs money. But this is a PPC ad or other advertising to target, the company can in the end only win. At least that wasted on wrong target groups advertising budget is significantly reduced in this way.
  • A picture – the Agency may also have to check the online presence of the company through its paces and find sources of error here. Perhaps the entrepreneur wants to finally bring the own online shop up and running, but suffers from a high, for him incomprehensible bounce rate? A professional check has so preserves some shops before sinking. Often there are several reasons, the entrepreneurs themselves hardly notice, which can take the customer but Reißaus.

What else to consider?


For some areas of online advertising an entrepreneur needed in Munich barely outside help. This does not mean, that these areas are not important:

  • Spezialsuchmaschinen / Portal – everyone knows Lieferando & Co. Similar to these sites are available for most industries search engine similar portals, in the can sign companies. Other portals access surgeries, for example, even on, wherein it is more useful here, make the entry itself. these sites are worth gold for the local advertising, because they are usually displayed in the search engine at the top and offer for new customers or new patient the first point.
  • Facebook site – a company page of each operation would have on Facebook. applies here: The organic range is better, as the purchased. Likes just should not be won over ads, since many people liken, which is not really interested in the offer. but these people restrict the range. Otherwise, the page must be designed properly and entertaining.
  • yellow pages – to register on-line yellow pages, for companies, local customers need, never a bad idea.


Illustration 2: The target search and their containment is a key part of these forms of advertising.

Conclusion – outsource some prefer

The entry in a real online yellow pages, the Facebook page, also entries on special portals – all of these tasks can take entrepreneurs themselves. But when it comes to targeting customers for targeted online advertising, often worth the commissioning of an expert. This can of course be helped with the data already collected, but just for the first online campaign an external agency is conducive.


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