Top Tips for Munich - collection of contributions

Which restaurants are recommended? Where is Munich away? Where are the trendy venues in Minga? Which top recommendations have been posted on Over time, a collection of tips for you was compiled and I collect the wealth of information here for you. Some tips are several years old and are again updated. But I hope, that you are helpful for orientation for you. If you still have more tips and ideas, you could still list, then just let me know.

And here are the best tips for you

The best advice when it comes to gastronomy


Time for some treats? Then you take the time and visited times these proposed Restaurants, Snack bars and bars. Are subject to change and subject to change at any time. Some contributions are several years old and I hope, that the operators have not suddenly prices screwed up, or have suddenly closed. Respect always ensure: are the price observations at a certain time. The prices may increase over time. For safety, easy on the respective homepages view prices!

The best sports recommendations for Munich


Exercise is good, keep mind and body fit and always ensures a good mood. I have over time various sports groups, attended sporting events and clubs and they want you naturally also recommend. Perhaps what Suitable for you is?

Tips on the topics of living, etc. Apartment Search.

Here the focus falls mainly on the house hunting, where the price factor with the location plays a special role. It also demonstrates, why the rental rates turn out as are. If ye can buy a condo or even a house, can also be seen in Articles!

Tips around the themes of love and dating

In the single-capital in search of the right partner is actually a simple goal. But of course there are also great challenges. Where her singles can get to know, where in Munich, the most romantic places for couples and other facts and information worth knowing about the love you experience here!

The list will be expanded with contributions! Do you have other tips for Munich? Let me know!