Social Match in Munich: playing meet new people

Social Match

You want to meet new singles in Munich? here I had already collected some tips for you. Besides the classic places there are additionally special events with a high fun factor and great interaction. An interesting concept for meeting new people is social Match, a special series of events in bars, when you meet new people on a kreiertes by the founders board game. That might be a welcome change to flirt in bars, Clubs, etc.!

How does Social Match?

The venue is a bar with an attendance of 6-10 people, in the eighth, the organizers on, that the ratio of women and men is evenly distributed. As a participant, you can here to 2 bring friends, while the events are separated by age and location. The age groups are separated as follows:

  • 20-35 years
  • 30-45 years
  • 40-60 years

Such an event costs 25 Euro and takes place in a pleasant game atmosphere, when can get to know the singles better. The independently-developed game is a mix of questions, Action tasks and funny Entertainment, the dissolving alone or in a team.

Interesting game idea

And that in itself is an interesting concept. Because usually you play with friends, Colleagues and relatives at home entertaining board games. In social match here other conditions prevail. Here we have Singles, are sociable, looking for entertainment and opening to the outside. This is done informally and voluntarily and the games easier in some ways, the willingness to communicate between participants. And that's what even at social Match. The social factor is in the foreground!

It will be interesting to learn more, the extent to which the Social Match events differ between age groups. Is the mood in Berlin better than in Munich? How funny contact the participants at all? All that you have to find out for yourself ultimately.

curious? Then you asked here under after the next event and try and see. It was definitely worth it.

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