Have you ever tried speed dating?


Shyness and restraint will be probably little demand at the speed dating, if the potential love partners to engage in self-marketing itself. In addition to finding the perfect partner you want to know, of course,, how to arrive with his nature and his character of the opposite sex. Such findings one experiences when speed dating, is present in the interaction and of their own accord to meet other people! one should bother to give already.

I researched on the Internet times, what speed dating offers on the Internet are actually available!

These are the main speed dating portals


What to read because my eyes, when I go to the page? round 245000 Singles living in Munich. Considering, how big other cities like Rostock, Erfurt are or keel of the population, It is quite remarkable, that the Munich Singles outdo in terms of absolute numbers of inhabitants of other cities. on speed-dating-in-muenchen.de, a Service Date York, find the speed dating events every week on Sunday. The price of 19 Euro is quite inexpensive in my eyes, considering, that here, perhaps waiting for the love of life on one side and the hit rate is surprisingly high! Interestingly, the individual evaluations after the deadline should be, which are coated with a "How can I get" Test.

speeddating.de in over 40 cities

the site is also interesting speeddating.de, where in more than 40 Cities in Germany dates are offered. The concept is simple: 7women, 7 Men each have 7 Minutes to know each other. So please do not minute-long self-presentation about yourself, but really use the time, as much as possible to learn about his potential partner! The dates here on Sundays for several age groups (20-32 years, 28-42, 40-54) at various dates and place for a price of 18,50 Euro you can collect as a single time at such an event experience.


The dates here found only once a month, where several appointments to the ages (38-54, 32-46, 28-42, 20-32) occur. But for students of the discount could 5 Euro be quite interesting! Otherwise, the procedure is as usual. To enroll (best with registration), gives its data to, and may also consider a nickname and then go to the speed dating event! round 8 you have minutes each time, to its potential partners meet. With 19 Euro (or. 14 Euro for students) the price falls from not much more expensive compared to other portals.

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