Bavarian flirting at Oktoberfest: Tips for Men

Heart for Lady

Jo zefix no amoi! Why always flirting in High German with the dearest sweetheart. Bavarian should be compulsory as a second official language in the beer tents. But what spells should hernehmen, which can also be understood by comparison. Am once with Bavarian, especially with medium-Malabar and south Bavaria dialects, dealt and sometimes constructed from some flirting sayings. Whether the fold in the Lady (Here I look at the time from the perspective of the man) of course, is another matter. Each lady is different receptive to Flirt Proverbs. But the lords of creation is of course not a lady sour, when she hears some nice compliments and words.

Bavarian for (Flirt)Beginner

Falling in Bavarian

use the Bavarian in the world of non-Bayern, can be effective or even come across as silly. It depends on the type, on the situation and the susceptibility of the person from! Too cramped nature and low self-esteem are not promising. Now but just compare the expression of high German and the Bavarian dialect. What would you like better? Some amusing sayings I have inter alia. hereunder discovered, you can get quite the beer tent in drunk state.

high GermanBayrisch
But you have to a beautiful Dirndl!You hosd aba and scheenes Deandl and!
Want to drink with me?Wuist du Mid saufa
It's best to say nothing now.On besdn you 'etz sogst nothing.
Because if your voice is as beautiful,Because when dei voice just is schee,
as your eyes,wia dei Eye,
I faint.foie i fainted.
I love your beautiful bustI liabe day Scheene Obaweide
I like youI mog di!
Do you keep me, if I run after up to your house?Do you keep Wed., if i to zua dia Hoam still walk?
You must be the cause of global warming.You have as basic fia de global Eaderwärmung was.
Do you like me together Obazda and white sausage to eat breakfast?Mogst you mid ma essn together Obazda and Woasswuascht for breakfast?
I forgot my number. Can I have your?

( I woass! Since saying is oid. Aba so stupid, that inter oafach brought wern mua. )
I raised my numma vagessn. I know dei hom?
But you have beautiful eyes. They sparkle like the stars in the night!Du hosd aba Scheene Augn. Sie funkeln wia the Bracke in da Nochd!
I did not listen, What did you say. But like you said it, sets my heart boil!I hob ned zuagehört, wos you hosd gsogt. Aba wia du's hosd gsogt, sets mei heart in Woiung!
Have just one hand-picking Seminar behind me. Want to show me your love line?Hob grod a Handleseseminar hita ma. Wuist you ma dei Liabeslinie zeign?
What else is there for sightseeing in the city except you?Wos' s otherwise fia Sehenswürdigkeidn in da Stod Aussa dia?

These are now only a few thousand sayings of other possible phrases), which are displayed on the page and its occurred to me spontaneously. But now it is, to link the sentences in a meaningful context. I know, you have already 2-3 drunk measure. But that makes it even!

Small increase complacent: Link to the Bebe-language

And just comes to mind what a, which provides a Flirt situation for Stimmugn. This has certainly brought no Mr. flirting, but I imagine still saulustig before and the woman could make them think and laugh. Meant the combination of Bavarian is the Bebe-language, who learned the younger generation as a game language at school hat.Keine concern! The Bebe-language or. the B language is a secret language, understand the only experienced people and is very easy to learn basically: after vowel (a,e,i,O,in) followed by a vowel, and b is repeated. example: instead of hello, there's a Haballobo or instead servus states sebervubus. Your comparison can now guess, what did you. Would actually be a nice board game with friends. But why not in such a situation to try Flirt.

More flirting tips from my side

the explanation of the Bebe-language alone already claimed a certain time. Always this eternal "You have beautiful eyes", "I like your dress," etc.. it is just boring! Women need entertainment, want men with charm, Wit and candor, bring the sometimes new things. Certain Oho effect, stimulate and to think and provide laughter are always welcome! Bavarian in combination with other artificial languages ​​game is a neat conversation times a change of pace.

I wish verifiable no vui Gaudi flirting.


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