Images and impressions of the Christmas markets in Munich

Christmas spirit

Christmas markets are plentiful in Munich. Although they are in my opinion not as nice as the Weihnachsmarkt in Erfurt or like the Christmas market in Nuremberg. But when you look at all the Christmas markets in Munich, like you goes out to explore. That's why I took my camera and shot some pictures of selected Christmas markets in Munich, which are stored in my Photo Gallery.

Tollwood Winterfestival 2013

since 2000 finds the yearly Tollwood Winter Festival on the Theresienwiese. cultural Events, diverse market stalls, Organic products at food stands and numerous discovery options are characteristic of the festival, up to the 31.12. running.

the mulled wine stalls and Feuerzangenbowlen and the numerous Barstände in the tents are thoroughly recommended for an evening together with friends in joy and Trinkfestigkeit. Who embarks on a discovery tour, can be inspired by the following pictures:

Statue Bavarie Tollwood Cafe Bad Connection

A bit of a shame I find, is that the Christmas spirit at Christmas does not really come off on such a large area and not to overlook the commercial alignment. Nevertheless, the Winter Tollwood is precisely because of its multicultural orientation a special variety for Munich.

Christmas markets in the city center

Munich Christmas market in 2013

Christmas market with tree Christmas market in downtown Christkindlmarkt

The Munich Christmas market on the Marienplatz is one of Munich's oldest and most beautiful Christmas markets at all and does not have to hide from other Christmas markets. Right in the heart of the city, several stalls cavort in front of the town hall, where you can enjoy with his loved ones relish mulled wine, tried the sweet treats or baked potatoes or fried sausages it can go well. The high Christmas tree in front of the town hall, the manger, with its hand-carved figures, and the Christmas spirit in the midst of the shopping area attract many visitors. Also 2013 I made a little trip to the Old Town, To get an idea of ​​the market. For a little shopping the images are enticing definitely

Christmas Market at Sendlinger

The Christmas market at Sendlinger is manageable in size and attracts also with many delicacies, wonderful hot drinks and interesting stalls. for about 18 Years makes this small, charming Christmas market Christmas Feeling. Who after the shopping experience, still wants to make a small tour by public transport, the Christkindl Tram can even try out, the daily every half hour from Sendlingertor from travels.

Christmas Market at Sendlingertor

Christmas market in the residence

For me, the visit to the residence was my personal Premiere and chic Innhof the residence is a great gathering place for the perfect Christmas mood, even if it is often closely here and to get cozies with visitors. But overall a great Christmas market sentiment and a nice place to stay.

Author: Khoa Nguyen

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