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My name is Nguyen Khoa and 1987 I am with 4 Years moved to this beautiful city and feel ever since as a genuine Munich, all edges and corners of this city has met and continues to go on an expedition. Finally, in this fast-paced city much to see and do and it was definitely worth it, to collect personal experiences around the most beautiful city. Although I am already been in different cities of the world (including London, Paris, Sydney, Saigon, Wien, Berlin), I feel still connected to that city. The relaxed lifestyle, the beautiful spots, entertainment facilities, especially the people are incomparable. That is why I am working on this blog with various topics around Munich. This includes your recommendations for places and interesting stories, News und Facts and I'm someone privately, very happy to get to know people and we received friendships. Anyone who has read some of my articles, will quickly, that the author only is a person . I am the sole writer for this blog, the design have designed, shoot your own pictures and put my blog his own fragrance brand, the neutral written by other pages differs clearly.

What else should I admit honestly: I could write pretty bad at the beginning, but got myself while studying, still under development but also by my previous jobs in marketing as well as a student in the blogging area my passion for writing. And this is muenchen-sehen.com quasi my playground for the creation of new texts and I hope, that your passes now and then on my blog times.

It makes me happy, when few students write to me and say,, my articles you liked it so much, that they use them for presentations. Neben dieser Seite betreue ich noch die Seiten https://einsteiger-keyboard.de/ such as https://einsteiger-instrument.de which are contrary to this blog commercially oriented. Who also has interest in sports issues, Moreover, I recommend my site https://www.dein-bauchtrainer.de/ and my Leaf Blog keep-runnin.com

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